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  1. No sorries. JazakaAllah khair for asking, Alhamdulilah, I am well.

  2. Allah yes3dik aydan <3

    Yeah system's a bit different.. :^)

    jazakiAllah khair, it was nice catching up with you too (after soo long lol).

    You can always PM or comment me btw

    Take care and rabena yewafa'ik in all that you do


    Desert <3

  3. Allah yasa3dik - Ameen

    Oh I think the system is diff here n there, after our exams we dont do anymore classes until the start of the new year.

    Oks sis im off now i need to start some revision.

    Was nice catching up and inshAllah catch u on the forums. Love u feesabilillah

    take cre

  4. My love! Been ages. How have you been? I thought I should leave u a message. I never got your email, but I came here for some comments I got and weird PMs (watch out for them) I wish you all the best and please take care of yourself.

    Much Love and Good Prayers,

    Your Dessie

  5. Awesome, I thought you had Islamic studies for some reason..oh wait, perhaps it was because you had an AlMaghrib class or something during that time :P Well, the courses are History of Psychology (looaded), Psych of Violence (well interesting), Deviance and Political Islam (which I am thinking of dropping because the load is intense, its enough I have this deviance class lol, which ends at 10 pm g

  6. close mashAllah... in my first year I did Arabic and Spanish and I changed my minor to International Relations (politics) but it's all the same I kept my major which is Arabic... no Islamic studies at uni it's all taught my orientalists I want to be taught by proper scholars inshAllah... So what coursehave you started?

  7. Oh wow mashaAllah, aqeedah and fiqh.. Man I need something like this lol, I am lacking in my ilm. But yes, mashaAllah one more year, thats awesome. I guess we did finish earlier lol, but you finish in May and I finish June so ;^)

    I study Cognitive Psychology :^D If I remember correctly, you are in Islamic Studies and Spanish, yes?

  8. oh wow mashAllah... in the US I think you guys finish early mashAllah... no I got one more year 2 inshAllah.. what do you study I forgot?

    Yeah I can't wait to start my aqeedah and fiqh clases after my exams and I need to start my dissertation (final your project too) eek

  9. oh - About the revision; I already had my examinations alhamdulilah. I also had hols the week before the last and began my other courses this past week :^) This is not my last term, but next yr shall be the last, inshaAllah, if things go to plan :^) Is this your last, btw?

  10. Assalamu alaykum Sis

    How are you <3 I hope you are doing well.

    Much Love,


  11. Waalaykum essalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh habibati bintu Abiha,

    Alhamdulilah, I am well. How are YOU though? Just busy with uni and just finished hols. I have this late night class which can be well annoying sometimes lol, from 7 to 9.50 pm! :^0 yallah ma3lesh. Rabena yewafa'ik, I hope you ace all ur exams <3 Ameen.

  12. as salam alaikum sis, hw hve u bn? I was gna message u lst time i ws on the form bt i ws in a rush. Hws uni? I am just revisin for finals at the moment cant wait til mid May and il be freee ia :D

    U started revision yet? Is this ur last?

    Atamana laki najaha - Ameen!

  13. Hey waalaykum essalam Yasmeen <3

    Alhamdulilah habibty, still breathing, heart still beating. Midterm times at university.. Plowing my way, you know. How are you though? Miss u, email me as I havent heard from you in literally ages..



  14. Assalamu alaykum dear clem, Im leaving the forums inshaAllah for good this time. I kind of have no choice. But we can definitely stay in touch :) PM me inshaAllah when u can



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