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  1. Nope. This is the one. It is the Posh Spice Special Edition. Its not bad. But I am more of a fan of the Defender.
  2. haha....and I want a turbo 4WD monster. wanna trade?
  3. Right now I have a set of Bridgestone RE-01Rs for my streets, Kuhmo V710s for auto-x's, and Toyo R888's for track. mmmm...so nice. I'm glad you didnt get a single outlet exhaust.
  4. yeah, it was montoya. That was just bad luck. Something must have broke on the car. Though I will say his aim was perfect! I will say I find nascar boring to watch. However you cant say they dont have skill. They all have high levels of concentration. Even more so on super speedways with the high speeds and close racing. Its a different type of racing, but they do have skill.
  5. whats taking the exhaust so long? winter is almost over. Let the modding begin! My only plan this year is to burn up all my tires. I have too many =X
  6. he is in a fully caged car in an open area. he is not even close to dying. dont be so dramatic. Group B Rally....now that was a risk.
  7. /\ I got to see one a few weeks ago. 1/14 in the world and the only one ordered with black wheels. there was a veyron and one-77 in the same room, but they could not touch the beauty of such a machine.
  8. very nice car! It would be terrible to drive on the street. But awesome to drive on the track. the only sad part is that you would have nobody to chase around on the track. you would be by yourself. In my world though, the Zonda R is still supreme.
  9. Z

    Claim disputes

    Its a bad position to be in. No matter what you say, its going to seem like you are at fault. So many people get screwed over. There are so many scams going on. I've ordered a cheap camera from china to record everytime I drive. If it doesnt work, then I will just use my gopro. Its cheap insurance in cause something like that happens. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3VQ7fINK5M
  10. He controls the car just as well as someone who goes drifting on the weekends. The difference is that the weekend guy doesnt have an unlimited bank account. If you want skill, take a look at the WRC standings for the last 2 years.
  11. I remember when I tried this for GT4. Freelancer ended up being the only active one to try it. Anybody try iRacing?
  12. I would love to have a formula mazda car. If you arent looking to be number 1, you can buy used onces for very cheap. But I am sure you have already seen those. You will need a lot of time to travel the country to make it to all the races. I dont think you sould start off that large. But this is a pretty big jump from auto-x. I think Formula Miata would be much cheaper and better racing. Cheaper in the sense of parts, and repairs. If you side swipe a car you wont have to worry about destroying carbon fiber, or ripping a wheel off. Plus there are so many more racers there and their races are so close.
  13. He is alright. He has a lot of money and can afford to mess around like that, but he doenst have mutch skill. Out of all the videos, I liked the first the best. Then the one in france (third I think)
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