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  1. Thread Al-3rabi

    and that reading is in addition to grammar worksheets, questions we have to answer about each text, and a 30 minute presentation coming up in a few weeks
  2. Thread Al-3rabi

    This semester I'm taking an Arabic class where we are reading literature. I have to read an average of 25 pages per week, very complicated and poetic language. I'm in so, so over my head.
  3. Thread Al-3rabi

    It's reasonable to question why God would reveal the Qur'an in Arabic -- but at the end of the day, the answer is in the pudding. It clearly didn't hold people back from embracing Islam, given that the religion spread extraordinarily quickly to the non-Arab world. That's not to say that it spread primarily because of the text itself (it didn't), but obviously that was not a major set back.
  4. Listening to...

    I drop here so I can find later
  5. Thread Al-3rabi

    Even in a class, still boring man
  6. Fat vs carb

    Seriously? The meat, dairy, agriculture industry is one of the largest lobbying sectors in the US. Most would actually make the exact opposite argument -- that agricultural lobbying has had far too much influence. Yes, now many companies are riding this trendy tide of 'healthy foods', but the agricultural industry is still incredibly powerful. For ex: http://time.com/4130043/lobbying-politics-dietary-guidelines/
  7. Fat vs carb

    also i thought omega 6 is normally considered 'good' for heart health?
  8. Fat vs carb

    Right, the article you have posted is yet another example of findings that are only visible in some studies. That doesn't discredit the findings, but it puts it in context of a much larger body of research that you should be willing to acknowledge too. Those who connect red meat and heart disease (i.e. most researchers, including the American Heart Association) do not make the claim that Omega 6 is the problem (at least not typically). There's lots of stuff to be found in dead animal flesh, including fat and cholesterol, but also trillions of types of bacteria that still require research. This study got some attention: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3650111/
  9. Fat vs carb

    There are a lot of studies showing different associations. Cutting red meat-for a longer life https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/cutting-red-meat-for-a-longer-life If you were not feeling well as a vegan, or if you were feeling constantly hungry, it could mean you were missing some necessary nutrients.
  10. Happy B-day!

  11. Listening to...

    I just discovered this musician, but he's awesome I think.
  12. Random Islamic Questions

    Did Jesus (as) & other prophets actually drink wine per mainstream Muslim interpretations? As mentioned in the Old and New Testaments.
  13. Solar Eclipse 2017

    There are protective glasses for it.
  14. There's that cliché question "why do bad things happen to good people?" that seems to perplex many (I'm not perplexed by it, FYI). But it implies that good things should happen to good people and that we're okay with bad things happening to bad people. I don't think I'm any happier with bad things happening to bad people, though. I'm not aiming to understand the Problem of Evil here, but only wanting to gauge whether others feel similarly. My feeling could be one related to privilege. I.e. I might be happy if bad things were happening to bad people if I were in a war context, or if I felt a victim to something. But in my context, I think I'm very open to understanding others' points of view (and there basically always is another point of view). I see everyone as their own little world unto themselves. It would be nice if each were happy. And if "evil" people lost their ability to do evil, but punishment is something else. I get the sense that not everyone feels that way and people generally like the idea of revenge, punishment (maybe it's accountability), etc..