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  1. MMnants ... ... ... no?
  2. you're a convincing one.
  3. Can we at least save the emergency meeting room cuz where else will we go in case of emergencies
  4. I support this motion and all future motions by SW.
  5. Welcome back and Ramadan mubarak!
  6. People, go vote in the photography contest!

  7. MM Tribune, Staple of Community, Shuts Down Seven Years After Opening Mufasa, editor-in-chief of the MM Tribune, announced Sunday that the newspaper would be shutting its doors after a rich and lucrative seven years of publishing. Surging editorial costs matched by declining readership placed considerable economic strain upon the publication, sending it into a whirlwind these past several months, Mufasa said. At the time of its founding in 2011, the MM Tribune promised to "revolutionize" the print media and to uncover MM's most pressing stories. Its opening followed on the heels of the shuttering of an earlier newspaper, founded by former forum member DI, which was criticized for producing sensationalized content and stirring gossip among members. "This newspaper will revolutionize the nature of print media...with digital media," DI, the former editor-in-chief, noted upon hearing about the MM Tribune in 2011. From its beginnings, the newspaper struggled to find stories to cover. Editors and readers complained that much of the newspaper revolved around covering the very existence of the newspaper itself. "An MM newspaper seems pointless," commented one member at the time of its founding. Other members, however, expressed regret at seeing the newspaper close its doors. "It's sad to think that sharp journalism, asking those questions that need to be asked, is disappearing on MM," said a member who requested anonymity for fear of repercussions.
  8. Glad to know you had a nice trip, Sal. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to go through it all soon!
  9. Cat Camp?!? actually though 😹 but ok if you wanna go to Denver we can plan an mm trip again. it was fun enough.
  10. Here's a pic from our hiking trip. It was really fun.
  11. Should be doing work. Got distracted. Took a quiz. http://www.pewforum.org/quiz/religious-typology/relaxed-religious It was difficult because I feel like my answers to these questions are ever-shifting. I got "Relaxed Religious", which seems accurate, but is only based on the now. What did you get? It's based on their characterizations of American religiosity. You can see more here: http://www.pewforum.org/2018/08/29/the-religious-typology/ Remember when MM used to be all about polls and quizzes? "We takin' it back in the day to the Golden Age."
  12. I've heard a bunch of songs by this band without ever really paying attention. But I think they've got some really good songs. Kind of similar to Mumford & Sons
  13. Mufasa

    Midori here

    Welcome! I hope you'll stick around.
  14. Mufasa


    Hi Holly, Welcome! Alaikum Assalam. I hope you will stick around! Glad you are having a nice Ramadan. Could you tell us more about your experience being Muslim? Do you have a community? I'm also a convert. Please let us know if you have any questions!
  15. I shared this dude awhile ago, but I just can't get over how talented and unique he is. He's basically the only musician I've cared to listen to since discovering him.
  16. First, welcome to the forum! It would be great if you would introduce yourself. I totally agree with Cubster ^. I'd just add: This does not make you a bad Muslim. It just means that you have to struggle to overcome this. We all have struggles, and they make us stronger in the end - so long as we confront them head-on. I would definitely second Cubster's advice that you seek professional help. A therapist can help you, and there are also many support groups for people with eating disorders. If it's been going on for four years now, you really need to break this. I wish you the best in your journey. Though we are just meeting you, know that we are here to support you.
  17. I think with this, the second part will follow. If he sees it having positive impacts on you and feels that you are finding peace through it, he might become more interested. Religion's a journey for all of us - no one is at 100% all the time. Perhaps you can involve him in that journey. Maybe this will offer some hope: I used to be part of a group for converts, and a lot of people there had converted for the sake of their significant others. Whether they converted with any actual interest or passion in Islam, they had developed a personal and genuine faith over time. I think in all cases, it was because they saw that this was something important to their significant others, and they therefore felt that they should give it serious consideration, out of respect and care. But it has to start with you. Good luck with the family. I'm sure that can be tough. I'll keep you in my du'a :-]
  18. First of all, welcome to the forum! We hope that you will stick around. We've become a quiet place as of late, but I assure you we are a friendly and welcoming bunch. People convert for all sorts of reasons, and marriage is quite a common one. It's no less valid than someone who is raised Muslim and remains Muslim primarily because of their culture or family - and this might be the case for a majority of Muslims. That said, you did marry him knowing that he's not all-in on the religious side of things, and therefore, I don't know that he can really be expected to feel passionately about certain rather demanding traditions that you selectively find to be of importance. Fasting for an entire month is a really major commitment - it requires a certain level of passion and confidence that someone who is not actually invested in or certain about Islam is not going to be able to sustain (I find it hard, too!). I'm not really sure of any tangible advice I can give you here that might help - however, I would say this probably has to be a bit more holistic. If he's not interested in the rest of it (like prayer and belief), he's probably not going to suddenly become interested next year in fasting. Fasting just seems like a more extreme version of prayer & other forms of observance. Also, if he fasts, but doesn't have the belief down: what does it even matter? It might be a form of respect to you, but would that really be a form of worship? Have you had a heart-to-heart with him about religion and why it is important to you that he at least give it an open-mind and an open-heart? Good luck, keep us posted :] Congrats on your marriage!
  19. Yeah, I've watched it 'cuz my mom likes it. It's pretty good but not the sorta thing I'd watch on my own. Thanks for alerting! I totally forgot about that show, but I really liked Season 1! I'll also wait for them to accumulate ...maybe.
  20. I don't think turning religion into a debate is a good idea. You might attract a few, but you're also likely to turn away many more.
  21. Sorry, I'm not trying to be passive aggressive. I just think there is perhaps some projection based on experiences elsewhere. It's true that there is a double standard in many Muslim spaces. If you see us moderate a female's post when we wouldn't have done so with a man's, you can--and should--call it out. (Though members should also be open to hearing our reasoning.) Sometimes we don't realize our own biases. That's not me being facetious, I am being totally serious. I don't think Shaver's post is a good example of it. I do not think we would have thought to edit it if Shaver were a lady. There's a difference between someone simply posting photos of themselves in a car (which, frankly, would just feel attention-grabby), and Shaver posting an unidentifiable photo of himself doing the very thing he has spoken on MM about for years--his primary passion/hobby. It's equivalent to you sharing a poem, or Haku sharing his photography.
  22. ...but you deleted it? Or did one of us mods tell you to delete it? Also, if you see a photo or video of a man exposing from his belly button to his knee, especially in a sexually suggestive way, you are welcome to flag it. However, if you look through many of the videos you have posted in the music thread, you will see we don't enforce awrah strictly when it comes to women. I don't really get what your complaint here is about. MM is not the strictest.
  23. Do we strictly enforce awrah rules for women? People post all sorts of music videos, trailers, etc.
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