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  1. These Random post showing up in my e-mail are driving me CrAzY.

  2. Jazak Allah Khairn sis for the info, it was very helpful.
  3. Does anyone know what the SAR of a Palm Treo 650 is? Also could you list some cell phones that have low Sar emissions? Jazak Allah Khairn.
  4. Nothing else better to do right now.
  5. AJ.

    lool yayyyy thanks :D u rock mashaAllah :D :D cant wait till it builds up, really wanna do all those masjid websites, it'll be so good inshaAllah.

  6. Walaikum'salam and welcome aboard.
  7. Assalamu'alaikum, and welcome to MM my brother.
  8. Well welcome to the club And welcome to MM, hope you enjoy your stay.
  9. Light

    You are so crazy lol. Okay I'll go check it out, just for you.

  10. AJ.

    hey sis join www.masjidi.com plzzzz :$ can u like go on the forum n help build it up :shy: pretty please

  11. Of course the original beats them all lol. But this one was cool, although it was one scene where Bruce was fighting the female when she punched him over the side of the building, her hair was nice and neat and face was clear, then she turns around to come for the computer genuis(can"t remember his name) but she was a mess and her face was bloody that was funny.
  12. Yeah Oceans 13 was cool. I watched Live Free Die Hard yesterday for the 5th time.
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