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  1. Woah it's been forever!! Happy Birthday! =)

  2. Mars!! Where r u dear? I have been thinking about u alot lately. I miss u! :(

  3. okay, to get this, you have to have seen Napoleon Dynamite (totally overrated, but whatever). Me: Man, I'm so hungry. Brother: Jeez, Mariam, go make yourself a dang quesidiLLa. Mom: Yes Mariam. But make them for everyone else for dinner first. And go microwave the chicken and set the table, too. Me: GOSH! *turns head* Mom: BATAMEEEEZ! Alrighty then.
  4. thanks. totally gonna use this to delete stuff. i found homekeylogger on my comp and deleted that first. prolly a bunch of other stuff i dont know about on my comp. no respect for privacy...
  5. Brother (to mom): I'm going to the gym. Mom: WHAT!? Don't be BATAMEEES [uh, bad?]. You went yesterday. go study! get a better job! what will you do if you have a spendthrift wife that doesn't cook?! Brother: uh. i wanna go to the gym. Mom: NO!! go mow the lawn. NOW! Brother: It's raining. Mom: Go study! Brother: Damn. Mom: Mariaaaaaaam! Get me CHAI. NOW. Me: I'm reading. Mom: I don't care! Books aren't important. Get me my CHAI. NOW. Me: Damn. Brother: What did you say?! Your not allowed to say that! Me: psh. Just did. Loserface Mom: MARIAAAAAM! CHAAAAAIIII! MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS GETTING HIGH! Me: *Gives Mom chai. Walks past brother's room* Brother: *Sitting on bed and lifting books up and down like dumbbells* Me: What are you doing? Brother: Studying. Mom: STOP FIGHTING!! MY BLOOD PRESSURE!! GAAAAAAHHH I'M TELLING YOUR FATHER! end.
  6. Mars

    ps3 out

    some dude got shot in our town over one. pretty crazy stuff.
  7. ^ ditto on the question. i got sooo confused; i thought "revert" meant like a non-practicing muslim becoming a practicing muslim. just say "convert", ya know? non of the "re-" shinnanigans.
  8. Mars

    About marriage...

    ew, marriage. *pukes*. immature, i know. so sue me. oh wait, u can't cuz i'm a MINOR. haha.
  9. Mars

    ps3 out

    OH SNAP. Eid #2 cannot come soon enough.
  10. chillAX dude. 18 DUMMY -- The Federation.
  11. so. i haven't thought this out or anything don't get me wrong...but i've been to so many nikkah's, weddings are meaningless for me. my wedding? if i can get it to be this way, it won't have any food or lines or buffet tables. that gets rid of the freeloaders. it'll also be at 9:00 a.m. that'll get rid of the party-mongers/children. It'll be indoors, no ghetto tents for me, if i can help it. and....what guests are left? only the ones that truly care about my holy union. Falooda all around. heellll yeah. most weddings i've been to, i haven't cared about or even known who the bride and groom were half the time. i hope my wedding's never, ever like that.
  12. ^ ahahahah, that is soooo 50s. sooner or later -- breaking benjamin
  13. true dat. too many people are obsessed w/the uber poo-bah creator dude of this site. it's vaguely disturbing. p.s: jk about the san francisco thing. if that happened, it would be truly disturbing.
  14. okeee, back to funny convos w/parents (this one's just sad): *Me and my mom shoe shopping -- at payless* Me: Mom, can I have those shoes? Mom: What! $6??!! No, they're bakwas (crappy). Me: No they're not, you just don't want to buy them because they're over your wacked out $5 limit. Mom: Don't be baysharam (angsty/without shame attitude) with me! I'm telling your father! They're expensive and you don't need them! Me: Mom? $6? Mom: CHUP! (QUIET!) Me: psh, whatever, fine. They're converse rip-offs anyway. Oooh, striped socks. can I have these socks? Mom: $3 for 2 pairs!!!!??? I'll get you one's exactly like those at the flea market next week. Me: Um, ew. Pass on the flea market. Wait, why am I here if you're not going to buy me anything? Mom: Wapis Baysharam! (Again that attitude with me!?) I'm telling your father! Me: Whatever. I'll be in the car *takes keys* Typical shopping with my mom. That's why I shop alone.
  15. so exited -- janet jackson.
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