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  1. aww...well that sucks! I haven't gone in a while though because it's wayy tooo cold. Best time to go is in Feb and early March. InshAllah your back will get better and you'll be able to go.

  2. Exhilerating, but I can't because of my back... =/

  3. Yes lol, do you?

  4. You like snowboarding?

  5. Jade

    It gets more interesting near the end btw...

  6. Jade

    You must see this!!

    I think both of us can agree on this one and eventually run with Tehreek Eh Ensaaf :D

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gettin' over the hill there eh?

    Left a lil summin' summin' somewhere...

  8. Ooma

    hahaah yeeeah w,e

    i dont care anymore

    i think.

  9. Jade

    ha. Well maybe przn has a REALLY GOOD excuse for leavin' without you. It's so obvious i don't even have to say it XD

  10. Ooma

    yo the przn went to dubai =( without ME !

  11. Jade

    hey vale dashurieeaa

    ihateyouforgetting that stuck in my head :P

  12. An American Crime. So sad and distrubing.
  13. That took the Brap out of me...


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