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  1. JUMMAH JUMMAH DAI DAI! JUMMAH JUMMAH DAI DAI JUMMAH! (ok so i am a little late for jummah...)

  2. Salaam, I met you via onemanarmy at RIS how goes the pre med? hurry and become a doctor I need some freed Davaye's <_<

  3. hahahha!..yah I wonder that too sometimes. I think I am the only old MMer hanging around here. It's like my life just doesnt change!..:|

  4. haha man i can't believe you're STILL on this forum. i came on just to see what it's like and i see MUSKAN everywhere.

  5. stop stalking me gunner..and that too at 7:30am!..

  6. Gunner

    ISNA Convention 2006

  7. Gunner

    The Conversation

    hey...who filmed that saqib...that's right, i did
  8. Gunner

    Public Apology

    i apologize for eating you like a nonsensical pie
  9. Gunner

    Public Apology

    zimarina i will eat you like pie
  10. Gunner

    The Conversation

    hamzah man this is just like at isna canada when u didnt longterm plan the video being shown and the sheikh cut me up :@
  11. Gunner

    Those Acceptance Letters

    yea theyre low admission unis, but in some programs only most of the other unis are very high tho like mac and uoft and queens and etc
  12. Prisoner's Dilemma (PD) is a 2-player, 2-option, simultaneous-choice game. However, not all 2-player, 2-option, simultaneous-choice games are instances of PD. If we call the options A and B, and represent the payoff to a player who chooses option A when his partner chooses B as P [A n B], which of the following games is not an instance of PD? a: P [A n A] = 5 P [A n B] = 0 P [b n A] = 9 P [b n B] = 2 b: P [A n A] = 5 P [A n B] = 20 P [b n A] = 0 P [b n B] = 12 c: P [A n A] = 5 P [A n B] = 9 P [b n A] = 0 P [b n B] = 2 d: all of the above (i.e. none of these games is an instance of PD).
  13. Gunner

    Shaadi Online Video

    haha not bad at all
  14. Gunner

    Name your future children...!?

    i am going to name my son princesszuha he is going to get his ass whooped in school
  15. Gunner

    The Conversation