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  1. jus a comment on ths sunni guy...

    You guys are mad at some evidence I provided by Quran, and Hadith, and questions I made. Wait until the Day of Judgment and you shall see the punishment by ALLAH (SWT) for insulting the companions and making pagan, idiotic innovations in the religion of Allah. I can’t believe you have the nerve to call yourself MUSLIM. You don’t want to be insulted? Then don’t insult the Nobel Companions of Prophet (SAW), Mua’wia (RA) to be specific. That is why the tone of my voice was so impolite. You don’t deserve RESPECT. Just like a party of Iranians (and Shias) in general were ridiculed in the mosque of Prophet (SAW), in the same manner you are ridiculed in this fourm. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. AND AGAIN YOU WILLL BE RIDICULED. You are all going crazy because you can’t refute me. Not a single Shia in this fourm has been able to refute me. Yes, Sunnis have refuted me. How about the Shais? THEY CAN’T. They can’t justify their actions with their Quran and don't even talk about your false IMAMMAT and other beliefs. Where did I slander a shia? I didn’t swear at them, I just questioned their beliefs. I have a right of speech. Shias are KAFFIR. Yes, wait in a year and say that to me after they get bombed by US. I don’t care if I am removed from this fourm, banned or suspended. You are humans and whatever you can do is limited. Allah is all wise and all powerful. Surah Az-Zumur and ALLAH KNOWS BEST Do whatever you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Questions for Shias

    http://kr-hcy.com/statichtml/files/104171414283197.shtml These aren't my words. If you are true in what you say bring your daleel for Immamat. You CAN'T. As for those putting comment in some foriegn language, learn english, or go post your comments on your pakistani fourm.
  3. Are the articles on this website mocking Islam?

    Ameen. I didn't start this thread again. Please go and visit the early post. Inshallah you shall see the real person who wanted to start this topic again.
  4. Are the articles on this website mocking Islam?

    I agree. However, not the same with the wesbite.
  5. Are the articles on this website mocking Islam?

    Did I say I was casting suspicion? I said from the beginning I don't judge.
  6. Are the articles on this website mocking Islam?

    I dont disagree with a fourm. Mashallah its really good. the website is what I disagree with.
  7. Are the articles on this website mocking Islam?

    How about 5 – The jokes should not be excessive.
  8. Some Possible Signs of Allah

    Jazakallah for pointing that out. Here is the other link http://english.sdaglobal.org/evangelism/arch/noah.htm
  9. Are the articles on this website mocking Islam?

    After viewing the evidence prestened by Moosy, I change my position. Writing fiction is okay provided it doesn't involve making fun of symbols of Allah. NIKAH, PRAYER...
  10. Are the articles on this website mocking Islam?

    Also I think people have quoted this also before.
  11. Are the articles on this website mocking Islam?

    Mossy did you also read this
  12. Are the articles on this website mocking Islam?

    What about writing fiction and at the same time making fun of symbols of Allah, to clarify a view?
  13. Are the articles on this website mocking Islam?

    I didn't know of this. You want to see how to write fiction so there are no LIES? Visitn Harun Yahyas website for kids. I didn't want to comment on this website. I wanted to wait for Shakhy to comment, otherwise if he didn't comment I had a different option which I would present. I didn't start this topic again.
  14. Are the articles on this website mocking Islam?

    No point in me telling you for you will say bring your daleel. What he said went against 3 other scholars I asked. Do you want me to show you pictures of Hamza with no hair. Agree And the topic isn't about Beard. Thats why I stopped.
  15. Are the articles on this website mocking Islam?

    I haven’t read careful with words, no comment, therefore. The Usual Gossip- Is this story true? Its something you made up right? Biggest problem in our community- Many people would disagree with you on that, and especially many Shakhys, because of the time and age. Also due to what is happening with the Muslim Ummah. Muslim Student Receives Valentine's Card- Again LIE, YOU MADE IT Bismillah It!- AGAIN LIE, also you didn’t mention there are certain time it is permissible to read bismillah and eat. I think someone started a post regarding what was wrong with the article. Someone might not eat and starve for prolonged times because of this. Ask The Maniac ~ These are the questions that Islamic Q&A sites reject. January 2005 – You made the question. How do you know they reject these questions. I have seen some pretty stupid questions answered. They might be stupid to me in my frame of reference but not to someone else in a different frame. The Moon Decision- Again difference of opinion. And Also LIE. Stupid E-mail Forwards- Again you made these and LIE Hijab Can Save Your Life- Your reasoning for hijab is incorrect. It is not because someone will pull your hair or because your hair is ugly. Please look at the reason girls wear hijab. The Trouble With Haters- Didn’t read this article. Online Nikkah Chat Transcript- How about at the beginning of the article stating there is nothing such as an online nikkah. Also you made this chat up. LIE Unity Products Hit Market- Didn’t read. No comment. Jews Take Over Search Engine- Isn’t this a LIE. Is it called YAHOODI??? Juma Woes- Why are you classifying the Khateebs into categories? A khateeb is a khateeb, not The Broken English Khateeb, The Under-FBI-Watch Khateeb, etc. Muslim Chat Lingo- Haven’t read this. Salami Salam- LIE New Cereal Causes Uproar- AGAIN LIE Abdullah Malik, a local Islamic school teacher was dead-set against the cereal. "When I saw my children eating this cereal I threw the bowl on the floor" he explained. "Why should Muslims eat other Muslims? It is against our religion to do this." An Intrepid Prayer- You know what’s wrong this. LIE, BRIBARY…