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  1. i was backing out of my driveway and i had to pull in more and then back out at an angle to avoid hitting my moms parked car on one side and the date palm on the other and i went at too sharp of an angle and the date palm pulled the front bumper right off my car
  2. Homestuck album colours and mayhem
  3. well, this place sure has changed.

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    2. Maethorion


      Welcome back guava!!

    3. Mufasa


      Maybe we haven't changed, but you have O.O just kidding. I don't get my own joke, but yeah, welcome back! Can you stick around?

    4. guyanamuslim66


      lol i knooow oxy gyal.

      and thanks guys.

      I DIDNT CHANGE MUFASA. this format for the forums def did lol. it looks nice.

  4. never! still stuck on Minecraft. each update makes it more and more addicting.
  5. Noooo! But seriously! Come on! (Hooray?)

  6. You make some strong points, mine sister. When does your workload clear up?

  7. ah nah its not that. its just pretty dead around here! plus i'm busy with school (procrastinating lol). i was here last night in chat but that cleared up pretty fast.

  8. What's the rumpus? And why not chill with us? I feel like we're not good enough for you anymore.

  9. salaam. ive been around haha. just not on MM of course.

  10. Mine sister, where are you?

  11. Ramadan Mubarak! Hooray!

  12. i could do without it but my brother downloaded it anyway for me. the trackpad changes screw me over all the time! but its alright.
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