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    I dislike two faced people, and wanna be muslims.<br /><br />I am admin of my own forum, a editor a journalist as well as sporty if i dont feel lazy. Unique and random.
  1. I kno three people who are chinese and muslim, dont know if that is a speciality as there are muslims everywhere.
  2. I love punjabi, scottish and bavarian. the latter two because they are the punjabi language of the countries. Coz the onlly punjabi in english is scottish.
  3. nope a typical punch, a following sonic boom, and some lectures should do, europe & american countries tried the easy way of teaching and all the children are a lollypop sucking mummy daddy children.
  4. I believe there should be a idiot alarm included in every mobile phone it monitors the stupid activity of a person and, if you walk by such stupid people your phone should give out a big scream like: A moron is as twelve, a idiot at 2 two etc etc etc. That was my input to tryb4Idie's staircases.
  5. yep there is, finished it already. and that was another time when i was ill
  6. Well I had a look at this freestyle thing so i was thinking i should make a freestyle as well, I am using no structure whatsover and it is a mischmash as well as a loads of non-rhymes. well sometimes. So enjoy. Sin Every day the world is full of crap the reality is a farce and people listen to commericialed Rap The ones who deserve honour and homage are in the graves everyone screams yo and yeah and going with the flow like slaves only dead fishes however go with the flow and losers who have no opinion in life sit in groups and behave like a crow *****ing about each other and being backbiters it is sin which rules this world and you can not beat up these flame igniters i am a critizist and perfection is my aim however noone cares noone gives a damn the light is darkness and darkness is light thats what the ideology is of humankind people full of stupidness and full of ****e I am just writing what is in my mind I do not care if you believe this is wrong or this is right the society is addicted to wrong gods by danw or by night to television, computers and the Ipods innocence is banned and however the norm is sin which leads to "pleasure." reality however shows abstinence that better. make me a judge i will wipe them out like a (e)-razor. On the day I die I will find peace and the first time the world will shatter. You are doomed to die on the day you are born, you have no option you can not change that destiny you can only mourn but selfishness creates this feeling if you think about yourselff go to hell because of your past and your problems the world wont be kneeling in front of you so you can be in a safety cocoon or shell wake up and live the way you want change your future so you know you have peace and tranquility this will give you everything may grant you the peace and give you new abilities Make the changes in you dont ask anyone for help Be a man and face your opponent Dont be a dog and cry, bark and yelp Be your own master and take the banner and crescent so yeah
  7. download the messenger live installation .exe file, install it or either use the repair option, but will fix it. If not use web messenger and then try to switch to the messenger live, it will log you out in the web messenger. for me webmessenger is a portal to make messenger live work, usually after being on webmessenger messenger live works in one sec. try both options tho
  8. yeah as the main files will not be on the hard drive, just run avg, ewido, spybot and ad-aware over the computer if you should have any malware these four programs are better than anything else. I let it run when i go to sleep, however you can run them if you arent doing anything on the computer.
  9. just delete the exe files of the program, when you go to the installion of the amv it will show you in which path it installed the files, then cancel the installation and go to that folder and just delete it.
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