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  1. white-rose

    Listening to...

    Not listening to it but it randomly popped in my head - I can't feel my face when I'm with you... but I love it. That's basically the only line I know.
  2. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu!

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    2. S.W


      (Its the name of an Asian movie it means never say toodles)

    3. Summer.Haze


      What makes you feel it is not beneficial here? Or is it just the forum being dead thing?

    4. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      She's busy, I think. Her many threads started are the most we've had, and good too. Will you at least lurk?

  3. white-rose

    Last film you watched?

    Jungle Book in 3D 4DX. I liked it. They nearly shook my head off with the 4DX but I still enjoyed it. Perhaps the only thing I didn't like was the end. But overall, it was well made.
  4. white-rose

    Last film you watched?

    Should've watched it in Dubai coz they censor all of that.
  5. white-rose


    Angry? That's strange.
  6. white-rose

    What Does MM Mean To You?

    And here I was expecting some sentimental reason.
  7. white-rose

    Funny Google Suggestions

    Why are o.. - oceans crying - oceans salty - orchids endangered Still normal.
  8. white-rose

    Funny Google Suggestions

    Why are men... - jerks - taller than women - attracted to women - stronger than women Why are women... - so beautiful - so emotional - always cold - so mean
  9. white-rose

    Last film you watched?

    This is somewhat long.
  10. white-rose

    Last film you watched?

    Batman vs Superman. It wasn't as awesome as I expected it to be.
  11. And thread dies for the next 3 years. Yes, marriage people with kids are somewhat boring to talk to. Once their kids grow up a bit, they return to normal. But the baby stage is intense and full of baby talk.
  12. white-rose

    How many languages can you speak/understand ?

    I like knowing that there are known words in the mix so I don't feel overwhelmed but this particular course of Arabic is a bit weird and random. It's got animals, things, body parts, numbers, shapes, instruments, etc thrown in all together which doesn't make much sense. I might have had a hard time had I not known some of the things. How's the Spanish lesson? Which one are you taking? I went through a basic Italian course and I knew at least 50% of the words. I'm considering taking it to learn the rest. Although the annoying bit is, they have phrases like "I must drink some wine" but no mention of water. I guess no course is perfect.
  13. white-rose

    How many languages can you speak/understand ?

    Your score inspired me. I'm up to 81k points. Also, I already know some of the words so it's not too bad. I might slow down if there are too many new words at a time.
  14. white-rose

    How many languages can you speak/understand ?

    I can't seem to change my username but at the moment it's *snipped*. I've added you already.