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  1. Oh and Germany! cool! How do you find it? Do you get halal food? Are there many muslims?

  2. brox's hummer into hammer. How weird. That's why it's maniac muslim. Perfect right? So how do u find it so far? I noticed your friend Gucci has joined us too. :D

    PS: Don't believe jonas when he says he gets hate mail.

  3. Wow, mashaAllah, very colourful! U shud post some of your pics in the photography section. :D Ah, yes I know manchester united. :) Cool! TC!

  4. By the way, loving ur avvie!! :D

  5. lol I assume that football coz I don't watch sports. :P But I still hope you have a great day ahead. :D

  6. Umm, I dont know why. Palestine - mother land - female. lol Then I saw that blue thing and I was like whoops, better re-write that msg. hee hee. So cool. R u really from palestine? R u living there or elsewhere? Some people told me I look like I'm from palestine. :P

  7. I totally agree with them!!! See I told u it looks like u!

  8. Whoa! How cool! Yea, I do believe there are more but they are not currently active. But ibnatual islam lives here too and she shows up on MM sometimes. She's abit busy with exams nowadays.

  9. As salaam walaikum dear, You have to tell me where you got your avvie from! It soooo rocks!! :D

  10. As salaam walaikum and thanks! :D How r u? I almost thought you were a girl. *whoops*

  11. Aww man! That's tough! Well, best of luck yaar! Hope you do really well but do stop by from time to time!! :D

  12. Love your cute avvie!!! Where are you dear? Haven't seen you in awhile!

  13. Aww, no probs! Hope you had a good day! :D

  14. Salaam! :D Sorry for the late reply, I didn't check my profile. *blush* Yea, I live in UAE. :D Where abouts are you?

  15. Salaam, Sorry for the late reply. *blush* didn't read those msgs. I went to Gulf Medical College, Ajman, UAE. :) Are you planning to take up medicine?

  16. Teddybear!!! where r u?!!

  17. I'm baaaaaccckkkkk!!!! Salaaaammm!! I misssed u! I made dua for u!!! WUB!! How can I forget u honey!! How r u?!!! :D

  18. happy birthday!!!!!!

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