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  2. Same here, I have nothing to look forward to watching But I hate how they lost, its like they just gave up and I find it weird that to celebrate your teams victory people think its a good idea to go rioting Im not really into the parade thing, I went once when the Bucs won the superbowl and it really didnt do much for me
  3. I was thinking the reason for your graphics change was because you switched over...? but maybe I was wrong. Anyways, I know they arent winning the series but I cant wait for the game tomorrow....maybe if they blow LA out of the water just for one game they will be vindicated somehow
  4. switching teams entails he is supporting a team, not just loving the game...? it would be one thing if he was watching without having a preference for either team, but clearly he jumped ship After having a while to cope with the loss that shouldnt of been a loss (again) for some reason I have started to gain hope that they stop with the stupidness (as hedo put it...and well everybody and their mother) and win all 3. They have more talent than the Lakers....they just need to show it.
  5. ^ dont agree about the song (although singing it in unison would be dumb) but agree with the change of avatar and signature.....you cant just switch teams in the middle....drop the team your rooting for but you cant just switch teams. Thats a punk move, even worse than those damn band wagoners. Besides, when Kevin Garnett comes back Kobe will get put back in his place (which sadly means the magic arent going anywhere) and all you Laker fans know it. Enjoy it while you can.
  6. Ok so that was kind of a rant, I dont think they suck. Quite the contrary, I think they are the better team....hell I know they are the better team, which is why it gets me so frustrated when they loose. Seriously though, if you pooled both teams together to make up a roster you cant tell me that you would pick more players from the Magic than you would LA. Its just those little things that LA has going there way-- a coach and players who have been in the finals before, and kobe bryant (which is more of a big than a little thing).... ...and umm not defending like Nelson did with a minute left in the game (if you even want to call that defense) Seriously- why in the hell would you not foul Orlando winning 3 games before the Lakers can win 1? It would be nice, but I dont see it happening.
  7. stressed out again....they should of freakin won it. I mean, missing 2 fouls shots in a row when the game in winding down (both hedo and dwight) and letting the game go into overtime, which everyone knew (or should of known) that was like handing the game over. they suck....for real....right now it should of been orlando up 3-1 not the lakers.
  8. No I meant even when the game is in Orlando, it takes the Magic longer to get to the basket...like its not as easy for orlando as it is for LA
  9. Dont blame Kobe, blame the Orlando defense. Yes that was kind of a joke, not that they are that bad but they could make it harder for LA to score. But perhaps his 5 for 10 on foul shots was karma--all the b.s. fouls that defenders get charged with just because hes kobe bryant. The ball finally decided not to lie last night (I love Rasheeds "the ball dont lie" line). Im not just talking about this series, I mean in general but what really kind of ticked me off was the "foul" on him by Dwight in the last minute of the game. Everybody cross your fingers and hope that Thursday goes the same way. And Sunday because lets face it, having to win 2 games in LA before the lakers can win 1 is not very possible.
  10. What it says is we can turn the ball over like 20 times and still win....I can only imagine what the score would be like if they eliminated all those stupid mistakes....especially those who in the hell are you passing to passes But I wont lie, LA can most definetly make a shot quicker/more easily than Orlando. If you compare the times it takes for either team to make a shot its quite ridiculos.....Odom is a beast when he drives to the basket
  11. Im so pissed off...just so freakin pissed off....they should of won it, no need for overtime. Some of it is because now Hedos block on Kobe wont get all the recognition as it could of had Alley made that shot (which I think theres no excuse for missing it....ok maybe not no excuse but very little), and some of it because now its 2-0 instead of 1-1.....theres a big difference between the two. But because the Magic are the Magic Im not counting them out yet.....if they let it get to 3-0 however I will loose all hope...... HE SHOULD OF MADE THAT SHOT I need to find a way to forget about it because I really just..... Im stressing out to much about this.....especially since it wasnt just that miss that messed Orlando up. Someone tell Dwight to come up with the ball with a better grip and/or more strength.
  12. ^ I know they are in to the game and want it, everybody wants it but all I was just saying is that you can tell that kobe really wants it
  13. I realized a little while later that the game was tomorrow but i was on my way to a graduation party and didnt have time to come back and fix it. It would be kind of funny though if Kobe was injured, just because were talking about it....but then again if he did sit out and the Magic won nobody would consider it a real win.
  14. That documentary was actually pretty good... and the faces Kobe makes are whats killin it....Orlando needs to get a couple of guys that get into the game that intensely if they want a shot at winning. Heres hoping tonights game will go better than last
  15. Two things that need to happen tonight for Orlando to win: 1) Orlando should think about was of getting the ball to go in the basket more often (which maybe could mean stop taking so many 3s and drive to the basket and yes hes good but he had nothing to do with the Magic getting her thus far so maybe not play Nelson so much tonight and see how things go) 1) Kobe Bryant needs to get injured because thats the only way hes going to be stopped (Pietrus did an amazing job on defense but defending Kobe Bryant requires more than amazing) The MVP chants when Kobe has the ball/is shooting, I dont know if the crowd means to say MVP of the game or that it should of been him and not Lebron, but if it is the latter then I have to say that hes not better than Lebron.....hes good, more than good, but not better. As we saw in the semis Lebron is the team and for him to have gotten that far by himself basically calls for a damn in itself and add in the fact that hes not only good offensively but came in second for the defensive player of the year award and you have the makings for an MVP Back to this series, mix in Kobes determination with Orlandos lack of big men and it does not look like an easy road for the title. And Except for the playoffs I dont watch a lot of the Lakers games in general but why does Bynum start and Odom come in when he gets in foul trouble? It seems to me that Odom is a bit better...
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