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    shattered glass, shiny lights and gore. I also enjoy stealing bowling pins from chickens. please beware.
  1. well, i just had lots of work to do and kinda drifted away - i guess. i don't know where i went really, i've kinda been in the same place all along.
  2. yeah well, it's been a while. hello to you too.
  3. my parents don't know: a) i smoke i've dated two guys (not at once, just by the way) c) that i'm secretly a moron (okay, i couldn't think of a third one)
  4. hey.. i'm going into 11th grade and it's about time i started looking for colleges and i was just wondering if any of you know of any colleges with really good biology departments in the US or Canada... i'd appreciate it..
  5. yeah it was brilliant. at some points his logic was so childish though i would forget that he was a 15 year old and not 6. i learned alot with that book. i'll probably end up doing my IB extended essay on autistic savants.
  6. i've seen that movie 50 times.. dustin hoffman was bloody brilliant. you know how he would do everything at its time no matter what was going on around him? my mom was telling me that there was this autistic kid.. his mom bought him a sweatshirt and he would NOT wear it. no matter what she tried he just wouldn't. on the day of his sixth birthday he gets up, goes to his closet, and puts on that same sweatshirt. she tried to figure out what it was and she went to a therapist and he asked what does the tag say. tag said 6-8 years.
  7. and you know what even though they have really limited emotions some of them are really brilliant at poetry and art and stuff.. i was pretty surprised when i learned that.
  8. not all of them. 50% of them never even learn how to talk. but the possibility of them being really amazing in one particular area is higher that with other people. but then it'll be that they'll be brilliant at this one thing.. and well.. not so brilliant with everything else.
  9. yeah he was but he was really high functioning.. he could talk.. and he could do alot of stuff on his own.. most cases are worse than that..
  10. yeah and most of them hate being touched or held. but my stepbrother isn't like that.. he hates being alone and he likes being hugged while other autistic kids usually go quite crazy when you try to hug them.
  11. my little step-brother is autistic. doesn't talk, no eye contact. responds to very few, simple phrases. the whole deal. i've been doing this since i moved here. house to house charity, everything. at one point i even wanted to become a therapist for children with special needs but it requires alot of devotion and i get frustrated easily. my mom's doing her masters over the net in behavior analysis so she can help my step-brother. it's just a part of my life now.
  12. you wanna know something? i'm not sure who chundra is.. tulu yeah?
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