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  1. Time to say goodbye.. I'll be leaving for Paris by the end of this month InshAllah. I know my posts were pretty dumb ..i admit..i suck at writing but it was fun on MM. Great guyz u all.. keep writing and sorry if i ever hurt anyone. UAE crew.. take care .. Im still trying to find a way to deliver ur chocolates and i promise u that i will before i leave. Thanx all.. u guyz were awesome. Allah hafiz.
  2. Not at all surprising considering the source from which the fatwa came. One of many ridiculous rulings by the so-called religious scholars of the infamous school of deoband. A few more as food for thought... http://www.shianews.com/low/asia/news_id/0001733.php (sigh) Rashid Ahmed Gangohi, a founder member of the Deobandi movement has the following beliefs: The Prophet Muhammad PBUH is not the only Rahmatul-lil-Alameen (Fatawa Rashidia Part 2 Page 19) To read Allahamdu Fateha before eating food is Bidath (Fatawa Rashidia Part 2 Page 150) To lecture on or discuss the martydom of Hazrat Imam Hussain RA is Haram, even if the stories are true (Fatawa Rashidia Page 113 Part 3) In the month of Muharram, providing free water and feeding people with sharbat or milk is Haraam (Fatawa Rashidia Part 3 Page 113) And yes, in agreement with your article "Enlightened One", it is most definitely a radical brand of Islam, deemed to be the Indian branch of Wahabism, responsible for the classification of many new 'shirks' and 'bidaths' for just about everything under the sun!
  3. ermm i didnt kinda like it that much..it was OK War of the worlds... the movie was good but i didnt expect loopholes in a speilberg movie... it was quite disappointing infact.. films like minority report,saving private ryan.. classics! too good! but in War of the worlds.. there were a few scenes which were not so "steven speilberg" type.. but all in all... it was a good movie, amazing graphics,soundeffects.. worth the money i paid
  4. I've just met the boogey man coupla times.thas all..was planning to meet the UAE crew but didnt work out.
  5. NeXuS


    Thank you..... Thank you.... You're too kind! <Takes a bow>
  6. NeXuS


    Thank you all. Glad you liked it. (Coeur Isolé... Yes Bibi Hawa RA was created from the rib of Hazrat Adam AS) Nida and Kiwiberry...here you go... A woman is the keeper of secrets. Maintainer of the home. Solace giver and a barometer for her man to reflect himself, Leading him to greater patience and integration of wisdom in the world. She holds in her being keys that make it possible for a man to humble himself in ways that only an intimate can. In return for the treasure that is 'her' the least man can do(!), is be vigilant, Guarding his heart and mind from the onslaught of distractions...
  7. NeXuS


    Little does he know... the day I met the apple of my eye I thought she WAS the Boogeyman!...(Aquired taste I guess!!)
  8. NeXuS


    Takes one to meet the perfect Lady to put those words into perspective. Met her...'realised' soon after! <Aaah I sound like a love sick puppy>
  9. NeXuS


    Woman was made from the rib of man. She was not created from his head to top him. Nor from his feet to be stepped upon. She was made from his side to be close to him. From beneath his arm to be protected by him. Near his heart to be loved by him...
  10. the little bone?? now that'd hurt! ermm perhaps my eyebrow..but then again... maybe not. I am happy with my ear-ring. one is enuff .
  11. piiizza hutttttttttttttttttttttt gosh i just had dinner and im hungry again.
  12. I made steak today.. its been more than an hour since i ate it..no signs of food poisoning so far.... i am proud of myself! yeah i can do it!! \ /
  13. whats so sick abt it? its not a girl .. its such a simple form of fine art. tsk tsk tsk habiba!! wo!!i like the painting in ur post nice nice
  14. I told u jahzy was 6 mnths old in march when i joined MM larkiyun ki umar toh dus saal baad mein 16 saal rehti hai..yeh mera bhai hai afra janaab,iski umar ka kaanta nahee atkaa
  15. Al-Falah Posted on Jun 10 2005, 10:35 PM QUOTE (mangalpandey @ Jun 10 2005, 08:29 PM) dont even start the thing about piss again, its already been brought up and severely crushed. and whats this i hear abotu muslims bathing habits?? jhoome se jhooma. friday to friday??? once a week? thats pretty sick. ha this is a ignorant lie. dont spread such stuff man. it just makes you look dumb." ha ha ha!!! owned exactly. "DeadMonkey Posted on Jun 11 2005, 05:14 AM QUOTE (Al-Falah @ Jun 11 2005, 07:35 AM) ha this is a ignorant lie. dont spread such stuff man. it just makes you look dumb. You should just leave it alone. It is pretty obvious that he knows better. It was just for the sake of the argument.. Peace. DM ..he cnt go around posting crap abt our religion.He knows better? yeha i guess he should know that its better to shut his mouth than to answer MITU whos being equally dumb.
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