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    I quote Voltaire but implement my own ideology. Hypocrisy? I think not...
  1. When I've baked a choc cake and can't be asked to make buttercream, I just use nuttella instead ^-^ I like the ones that come in drinking glass jars! Reuse ftw.
  2. In Isha, there's 17 rakats... Are there any rakats which are optional, and if you don't read them you won't be sinned? I was speaking to a few older women from the community and they had varying views which has just confsued me so I'd like to get it clarified for knowledge sake.
  3. Last episode came on today I think it was a really good series.
  4. Do people know of any good Eid card websites? On fb?

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    2. Zimbabwe


      I give Eid cards, Coach :)

    3. Coach


      zimbabwe! That is so awesome! So, are you suppose to give Eid gifts?

    4. Mazakali+


      Thank you folks! I'm actually designing my own Eid cards, but couldn't find any fierce competition online. lol

      Coach, nah I became a Muslim when I was a couple of hours old.

  5. Wow I find it amazing that little babies have their ears pierced, did she cry much? Also, is it tradition in the Pashtun communities to get a baby's ear pierced? Because my sister's in laws do the same to their babies, even the boys! lol
  6. Be desireless, be excellent, be gone.

  7. Folks with iPods, I'd recommend subscribing (free) to TED talks on Itunes. This is my favourtie <3 really inspiring and touching. (Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee: Unlock the intelligence, passion, greatness of girls: I watched this one before going to sleep. REALLY CREEPED ME OUT! (creepy bit: 14:47) But it's good, teaches you practical things which you can apply. Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar: Alanna Shaikh: Alanna Shaikh: How I'm preparing to get Alzheimer's Sheikha Al Mayassa: Globalizing the local, localizing the global Jamil Abu-Wardeh: The Axis of Evil Middle East Comedy Tour
  8. - Hang out with creative folks, do some volunteering/work experience with independent organisations in the creative industry. - Find the arts scene in your local community, go to events. A lot of creatives work with the community. Also, even if it's not arts that you're thinking of, you'd be surprised at how versatile arts can be and they may include notions of science or other fields too. The key point is to absorb what you see and hear around you. You'll slowly start accumulating these ideas in your head, and one day it might inspire your own creative idea. - Find websites/online networks for creative folks. For example, in the UK, Ideastap is a really good website for opportunities and generally a creative hub. Also, I've found that compeitions are also a great source of practice. Because even if you go for a competition and you're not that great, at least it's encouraged you to do something..and it all adds up to your experience and skills. - Read blogs, peoples experiences. - Go to workshops; start getting your brain to work on minute details, it's good practice. Try origami! - In terms of 'creativity', figure out what you want to be creative with. For me it's crafts, visual arts, and creative writing. But at age 15/16, I was really into recycling. At school they were obsessed about it, I visited all sorts of summits and conferences about recycling, saw the weird and wonderful things that the big companies are doing. and I wanted to recycle too but with a creative twist. I simply started out with making small notebooks by using cardboard from mango boxes and sewed fabrics on to them. And then I progressed to reusing tin cans. I made them into cute little pots for jewellery and other bits and bobs. I faced quite a few difficulties and obstacles (especially with the tin cans!). But that was good! In the future it helped me solve the obstacles that I faced in my newer projects. 3 years on, I've been through that whole process^ and I've dabbled with a bit of everything and now my creativity has started channelling itself towards clothes designing. At 15 I wasn't hopeful at all at designing clothes and making them. I mean I wanted to do it, but I was interested in everything lol. But now, it's the only thing I can think about. I finally have a burning desire, and that is to design and make clothes. The 'process' that I went through, definitely helped me realise that. I've always felt that you can't teach creativity to an individual. Creativity comes by experience, by nurturing yourself. Sometimes it's frustrating, you just want to come out with an idea but you have to let yourself natually become more open to creativity.
  9. I love that she's already in her Hello Kitty gear lol
  10. lol but they do have a dinosaur exhibition near the entrance, dunno if they're fake in there too..or if they're actually real skeletons. I was too lazy to queue up to find out.
  11. OMG WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE! Aww many congratulations!! x
  12. Art can change the world.

  13. Art can change the world.

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