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  1. I would love to join this club! Are we reading books that are fiction but reality driven?
  2. Thank you :) I'll keep the comment boxes inshaAllah.

  3. Walaikum as salaam, I've enabled it. Let me know if it's working. I've also temporarily allowed comments to be visible on your profile until the PM issue is sorted. You can disable it by going to "my settings".

  4. salam,

    I am an old member and I can't access my private messages.

  5. My condolences wobee <3 Ameen to the dua's.
  6. I may just come to this event and ditch the other (due to logistics). Is the sisters' area separate or what?
  7. babysheep~


    There are many changes in my life, but the most major one has to be in the area of health. Deteriorating significantly, Allah gave me the opportunity/blessing of finding the correct treatments which were natural. The considerable improvements I have made has given me a fresh out look in life. I am truly thankful to Allah swt for bestowing his mercy on me, because I don't feel worthy of such a blessing. May Allah keep everyone's health safe inshaAllah. I have also met/spoken to amazing people who have made me count my blessings. I have realised that we can never be thankful to Allah, never ever! May Allah preserve those people and grant them Jannah inshaAllah.
  8. continuing...

    "something avoided, ultimately drawing the attention away from the radiant Divine Face everywhere."


  9. This is the commentary.

    "This poem is a truly courageous prayer. It is fierce in its renunciation of false worship. In it Rabia demands of herself genuine worship, which she rightly defines as love of God for God alone -- not for what the individual can "get" from God. Even the attainment of heaven or the avoidance of hell can become to the mind like possessions, something desired

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