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  1. Anyone try cutting simple carbs (for a while, I'm about 3 weeks in, looking to do 30 days-ish) to get back into the swing of things? How were your results?
  2. cubster, it is definitely worth a watch... or two!
  3. The visuals were amazing! I'm not sure, but I certainly hope they do.
  4. Who else has watched this? I was very impressed when I watched it on the day it came out, it was so well done and virtually no inappropriateness.
  5. So, this is what happens when you are off MM for a bit. Crazy!

  6. What an interesting type of logic you use. They are under investigation; that does not mean they are corrupt. I love this tablet, the S Pen is amazing masha'Allah. I got it for $297 (Canadian) at Costco.
  7. I ended up getting the Samsung Tab A 9.7 with S Pen. My husband has the same one and I always liked it, so why not?
  8. ^ The stylus isn't so great for my hands.
  9. Painful. I didn't even think of the Nexus. I will look into this.
  10. Reasonably priced, with a good stylus. Ideas?
  11. I really dislike vulgarity.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. rumaysa°


      Well, yes; but in other ways too. Swearing, trash-talking, etc.

    3. Sal_the_man


      Then you won't like the Dodge Viper

    4. rumaysa°


      I've never been a fan of the shape of the Dodge Viper.


  12. If someone has an opinion that you find to be inhumane, it is only natural that you will lose respect for them on some level, right? Still be diplomatic and cordial of course.

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    2. Zimbabwe


      You can either go two ways. First the Shaver route and just plain old block them and their toxicity out. If that's not possible or desirable, then digging deeper into their reasoning will often show the source of their flawed conclusions. So while you may still disagree, you will see their warped logic and build some empathy (and not hatred) for it at least.

    3. rumaysa°


      Well, I would see not thinking of them as losing respect for them, basically. I agree with the empathy bit you put forth too, zim. I think this whole "don't judge me for my thoughts" trend thats going around is a bit odd because it is human nature to judge a person/situation.


    4. Zimbabwe


      That attitude is ridiculous as well as the "you do you" thing.. What if "you" is a beeping beep? People think their nafs needs no discipline at any cost.

  13. RIb pain: what could it be?

    1. respecta


      Pancreatitis. That's what I had.

    2. rumaysa°


      Turns out its a fracture or sprain. X-ray time!


    3. oxy.moron
  14. Mabrook! May Allah SWT make him the coolness of his parents' eyes. I second all that Zimarina said!
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