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  1. Kamal el Makki has some good stuff on Da'wah: Another lecture that had an effect on me with regards to Dawah is this: Like r-z said, Tawheed because you cant really argue with it, always bring the convo back to Tawheed. Everything else is secondary. Why do men get more wives, why do women inherit less, why do you guys have jihad, why is homosexuality a sin, why do women have to wear hijaab....well I can understand why some of these concept may seem strange to you, but perhaps a more pertinent question is who decides what is right and wrong, and for us Muslims that is Allah, do you want to know why we believe in Allah, well because blah blah blah... If he really fancies reading stuff, you should give him a Quran to read. I found that the Sahih International translation works well with non Muslims... Try and always bring the convo back to three things, Tawheed, Day of Judgement (we are all gonna die one day) and Muhammad (S)... All the best...
  2. Lord of the Worlds is the same as an Al Maghrib class called Light of Guidance, which you can buy on CD...
  3. I saw a hindu guy opposite me on the tube the other day, I thought he was sleeping. But then I realised he was on standby... Oh and my little cousin asked his dad the other day: Am I going to marry a Muslim girl or a Haraam girl?
  4. Friend: Why do you guys keep a bottle in the toilet at uni? Muslim Friend: Well, theres a lotta reasons..
  5. ^Is that a pun? If it isnt, then no, I also post in small red English letter boxes...
  6. Friend: What does your dad do? Me: He's a builder... Friend: That's a very constructive use of his time isnt it... Me: Very clever.. *a little later* Friend: So hows your son with the building trade O TEH's dad? Dad: Well he tries.. Friend: What? Your patience? Me: Damn, youre on fire..
  7. Brother: Can you pass me that book please.. Me: *passes book* Brother: Jazakallah for caring Me: What? Brother: Jazakallah fKhairan Me: You didnt say that.. Brother: Yeah I did, Jazakallah for caring... Me:
  8. Sweet blood? Was your doc having a laugh or being serious? If he was being serious, you need a new doctor... And there plenty of wives in Egypt, and sisters and mothers to get along with, Brother Noor has all the contacts. But be careful, having too many friends can be very detrimental to your studying sadly... :I My humble self would only like to advise two things: Throw away your laptop (if you have time to be on it, you have time to be studying other stuff (if you need to relax, do it some other way)) and secondly, in swissary alif, there is a malaysian restaurant on a corner, you should find it, and get Nasi Goreng Paprik lahm wa dagaag... Have fun studying.. P.S. There may be a cockroach or two in the food, but it all adds to the flavour, so dont worry.. (Im joking)
  9. Another paki one... Punjabi guys goes for an interview at a British University, because he wants to study English... Interviewer: So what is the opposite of ugly? Punjabi guy: Pichli If you get that straight away, then Masha Allah, well done, seriously, its a hard one...
  10. Like the fact that Allah is in the heavens and that Iman increases and decreases...duh.. I kid, Im sure they mean basic aqeedah, regarding Allah, his angels, DoJ, his messengers, Qadr and so on and so forth... What Im finding interesting as Im growing up is that although people my age want their kids to be the next Abu Hanifah or Imam Ahmad, they dont really live by it themselves, furthmore, they dont intend to marry someone who wants the same thing, so Im thinking, do they really want it... I heard the funniest thing the other day, listen to this vid from 6:30, when he mentions a certain 'profession' I LMAOd..
  11. This is quite possibly one of the best articles I have ever read, may Allah reward the sister who wrote it with Super pious kids.. http://muslimmatters.org/2010/02/25/raising-children-with-deen-and-dunya/
  12. I thought Siraaj's articles on the issue were very beneficial...good luck... http://muslimbestlife.com/blog/?p=175
  13. When you start praying your Salaat shortened, it means you are travelling...
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