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  1. Hey there, I have the same problem! I drank ensure for a while and it helped
  2. wow, it feels really weird to sign into MM after like years?

    1. EmJay


      Welcome back. I don't know you but I have missed you.

    2. Venomystic


      Muskan!!! I remember you? Where have you been?! Did you get married :P

    3. Somnambulism
  3. Ooo things look different here..hmmm

  4. Thank you all for the duas. It is a reminder to me first and foremost and to everyone to please appreciate the people who are in your life. Give them priority over everything else b/c if you lose your job, or get bad marks, or whatever, it is nothing as compared to the loss you feel when someone so special is gone.
  5. Just sharing with you all since today marks two years since my best friend's death. Please make dua for her. "It seems like yesterday. The very first time we met, we talked about school. I could see the excitement in your eyes as you talked about the biggest accomplishment of your life. Nuclear medicine – research on treatments for cancer patients. You thought it would be a good program for me to consider because of my volunteer work with cancer patients. You had big dreams. They were beautiful ones; a desire to help people and make a difference. But, all I saw was another U of Ter trying to convince me that I made the right choice by going to U of T. I had seen you before many times at the pharmacy and thought maybe I should say “hi” to a fellow Pakistani. But there was always this slight rudeness in the way you spoke that I always changed my mind. You knew every time I dropped by pharmacy that I was here to see my friend. So you would never come up and say the usual “May I help you?”? I am glad that we got a chance to finally meet and talk that afternoon you were going to your work party with my friend. It really seems like yesterday. I felt I was wrong and that you sounded much nicer in person than in the pharmacy. I am sorry for ever assuming that. I can’t exactly recall when and how you became a part of our little gang but I remember the very first time you came over was on my birthday party. You were late. We hardly knew each other but you looked very happy for me (at least in the pictures for sure). We looked at those pictures for months over and over again. We looked at them to catch all those expressions of yours that we didn’t pay attention to when you were among us. We laughed at you for not knowing any of the paindu songs we were singing on my birthday. But you still did well. I am sure you were thinking if we are even sane. You became a part of us. A very important part of our lives. But we did not know that and we never paid attention to it. When you would stay quiet, we would think you are shy. We would encourage you to become just as silly as we were but we didn’t know that you were burdened by a secret so huge and painful than we could ever imagine. You told us that you wanted to hang around with us to experience something you had never experienced before. You were in a rush to experience all that you had missed out on when you were studying and working. What was the rush? We did not think you would make it another day when we first came to see you at the hospital. There were no signs of life in your eyes. They were blank. I wanted to help you hold your cup as your hands shivered but I was too shocked. We were all too shocked. We wondered if you were a secret smoker because of the lung cancer diagnosis. We felt outraged seeing you in the ER with doctors assuming nothing can be done. It was an extremely helpless feeling. I felt that for the very first time in my life. We were always taught gaining control over difficult situations is the way to go. How were we supposed to know that some things are just out of our control. There are some things which ARE impossible. One of those things is to stop someone from leaving. But you survived. Not for too long but for some time. You survived to show us what strength and patience actually mean. You survived to show us that life is really too short. You let us keep lying and give you false hopes of life despite of being very well aware of where things were heading. Not once you said we don’t know how it feels to be in your shoes. We had so many questions. We wanted to know why you hid it. We wanted to know how and why it happened. We wondered for months after your death whether it was due to some radiation accident in your lab. We wondered over your emails for days and nights. We looked at your pictures for days and days and saw that you looked sick. Why were we not able to see it when you were alive? We now understand that you had to go. We now keep ourselves prepared that one day we will have to go. You made a difference in our lives just the way you had hoped and dreamt. It was because of your courage that I had some courage to go through pain without feeling like “why me”. It is because of you that we hold each other even more tightly and value our friendships. It’s because of you we are able to feel someone’s pain. It’s because of you we remember our ultimate purpose and destination. It’s because of you we know what loss feels like. You will always be missed Arooj.
  6. Muskan


    Thanks - you guys can read more here: www.hina-longforgotten.blogspot.com
  7. Muskan


    The heart continues to twist and bend Is there ever a time when feelings end? The sleepless nights with racing thoughts Do you fight a battle between oughts and noughts? Prayers to a God, Do you believe in yourself? creating an identity that doesn't annoy oneself coping but speaking nothing of your heart bleeding and craving for a fresh start Asking for a band-aid to cover the wound Is there no way to stop the doom? The rampant desires, the red hot flames Do you scream out loud to lessen the pain? The barrier is broken, the accord breached you are spinning around at a frightening speed The rage and the love, its all together The dreams, the commitments, the trust betrayed forever. -Hina-
  8. Muskan

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    May Allah swt help her get back to our beautiful religion Islam.
  9. Yah I am getting iron injections. They hurt a lot!...
  10. :P I'm glad someone's stalking my profile. Oh it would be awesome if you could visit. I'd love to get together. :D
  11. hey assalamu alaikum...haha thanks for the b-day wish..(lol, that was due). hahah oh yah, I prob stalking up ur profile sometimes..:P..how are you doing? You live in Dubai right?...I wana visit there sometimes.

  12. I felt sad unexpectedly. I was never really into stars, infact I was never really into MJ's music and hardly ever heard it. Ironic how his talent, music is being celebrated everywhere AFTER his death while when he was alive was being thrown trash at left, right and center for the past 10-15 yrs or so. A star who gave up his childhood to please his father (plus had to go through physical abuse by him so he could be 'perfect') and then to please his fans lived miserably in the past few years with his illnesses, accusations, debts, etc. It's just tragic that a man who had such a HUGE fan list lived a very isolated life and if i remember correctly said in an interview that he is very hurt by certain people in his life and is a very lonely person
  13. OMG, yes I did ride one! when i was a kid. The guy tricked me by saying its a horse..errr, lil did i know i was sitting on a donkey.
  14. I petted (is this even the correct past tense for pet?) a deer at a zoo in Pakistan. Hmm never tried it in the wild.
  15. What is the purpose of him doing that? I am not even getting that. Is he doing it to encourage hijab? B/c making someone wear a hijab for a 20 min appointment is not a very effective method of getting someone to do hijab. So it doesnt work in my opinion. If he is doing it to avoid fitna for himself, then he might as well just treat male patients.
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