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  1. r3cre8x


    Thanks everybody! =)
  2. r3cre8x

    Open Debate on Life's Origins

  4. Photon entanglement is gorgeous.
  5. r3cre8x


    Edited in a few changes to the solution. And yes, I hope to drop by every now and then. I see you're flexing some mod muscle Moslem. =P
  6. r3cre8x


    A little late but nonetheless: 1. You want the minimum length of the curve for a 90 degree turn (quarter circle perimeter) = 2*pi*R / 4 .... (i) where R is the radius of the circular highway. You're told the centripetal force must not exceed weight/10, so equate centripetal force to weight/10: m(v^2) / R = mg / 10. Cancel the m and solve for R, plug it back into (i) and that gives your minimum curve length. edit: I've removed my soln for 2 I need to have a look at it again, I think it's not as trivial as I had made it out to be. Meanwhile:
  7. *slap* *giggle*


  8. r3cre8x

    Did you ever take martial arts?

    hang in there.
  9. r3cre8x

    science help ASAP

    Triangles are your friend. Resolve the forces acting on each joint, and remember there are reaction forces on the structure from the ground (or whatever support method you're employing). Make compression members short to prevent against euler buckling. If you really want a technical analysis, search for the yield stress and young's modulus of the straw material and do a proper analysis. If nothing I just said makes sense, then triangles are your best friend! Googlle "truss structures" or anything to do with trusses and you should get loads of ideas. Also a couple of vids on youtube. Good luck!
  10. salaam bro. I see you're originally from Royston. That's one rough area lol

  11. r3cre8x

    Cursing Yazid?

    Okay enough people, back on topic please.
  12. r3cre8x

    the month of Muharram

    Sorry I haven't waded through the pags of this thread, but I'd like to make a very quick but fundamental point. Of course, gheebah is haraam. But why on earth are we on about gheebah? Gheebah is when you REVEAL/SPREAD etc a sin that one COMMITS IN PRIVACY. Yazid was an OPEN PUBLIC sinner. Gheebah doesn't even come into this; it is irrelevant.
  13. r3cre8x

    Platonic Relationships...

    like the cookie monster?
  14. r3cre8x

    Cursing Yazid?

    Thanks bro, you too. Or do I detect sarcasm? lol. In any case, good to see you guys!
  15. r3cre8x

    The Math Hate Thread

    I used to think that until I stumbled accross extracts from Principia Mathematica. *runs a mile in record breaking time*.