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  1. Stick around my old friend! :)

  2. AsalamuAlaikum Cool pic bro.

  3. u no wat u sed bout da revolution in iran, (n btw im new so i just read it)

    plz dont say anythin if u dont no anything, u no urself that ur rong bout wat u sed, n just coz u hav never seen such a thing, n u just have no pride of ur own background, n ur just makin ppl think rong

  4. Fi Ammanillah

    As-Salmu Aly-Kum Wa Rahmatollahi Wa Barakathu, Praise be to Allah SWT, Inshallah this will be my last post. Summer has almost come to an end. The next two weeks are going to be very hectic for me, and after that I have to move into Hamilton, equally as hectic. Please remember me in your duass, and pray that Allah SWT allows me to succeed in my religious and my secular endeavors. I pray to Allah SWT that He allows all of you to succeed in your religious and secular undertakings as well. Lastly, and most importantly, the time which I was here at MM, sometimes due to the nature of the thread I ended up making an unjust, rude post. If I have hurt anyone through my post, I want to apologize, and ask that you forgive me, in this dunyaa. If you don't think you can forgive me please PM me, and we will inshallah try to work something out. Wa-Salmu Alykum Wa Rahmatollahi Wa Baraktahu. - Ozair
  5. Random Islamic Questions

    Based upon this the reward will not be the same. I have not misunderstood the question. The reward will not be the same, because a person when reading/reciting Quran doesn't get reward based upon the words alone, rather upon how many letters were present in the word. So if a word has 5 letters, they will be rewards 50 rewards, 7 letters 70 rewards. Now when a person is reading the transliteration, does the letter of the Arabic language equate to the letters of the transliteration? Obviously not, thus the reward will not be the same. If a person is trying hard to learn the Quran, and than every day spends a few hours, reading the transliteration, than Allah SWT will reward them accordingly. And Allah SWT Knows Best. PS. One gets rewarded based upon the letters of each word, when reading the Quran.
  6. Random Islamic Questions

    Every time you read the Quran, and lets say you start form Surah fatiha, and you say Alhumdu, just for saying that you will get 50 rewards because you have said 5 letters. The hadith is recorded by Imam Tirmidh and Darimi. Prophet SAW has reported to have said, "Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah will receive a hasanah(good deed) from it (i.e. his recitation), and the hasanah is multiplied by ten. I do not say that Alif-Laam-Meem is (considered as) a letter, rather Alif is a letter, Laam is a letter, and Meem is aletter." And Allah SWT Knows Best.
  7. Random Islamic Questions

    for every haroof that is read in Arabic, with out without looking at the Quran, one gets 10 rewards. Sorry, to know that you are not aware of the hadith. So how can someone get the same rewards for saying a word like zalika, which has three letters, however the transliterations has more than three. Does that mean the person gets more reward? A person is rewarded according to the number of haroof they read, from memory or by looking at the quran. If a person reads from his memory, does that change the letters of the Quran. A person is rewarding for reading/reciting the Quran, not for looking at the Quran. Please read my post again.
  8. Random Islamic Questions

    Praise be to Allah SWT, For duaas get a book, have it approved by an authorotarian shakh. You do not get the same reward for the transliteration. When reading the Arabic of the Quran you get 10 rewards for each Haroof, Alif, Laam, Meem, would be thirty reward. So how can the person get the exact same reward for reading the transliteration? Now, if a person is new to Islam and is striving hard, than Allah SWT will reward them accordingly. And Allah SWT KNows Best.
  9. Random Islamic Questions

    Praise be to Allah SWT, There is a difference of opinion in regards to image. One set of ulama say completley haram, and the other say halal provided it is not respected. If the image is respected... than it is haram. Both of them are backed up by hadith. The famous one for being haram is one in which Aisha RA had pictures and Prophet SAW refused to enter the house. However, Imam An-Nassi has quoted a tradition which is the continuation of thta incident, and the hadith clearly stated that Prophet SAW slept on pillows with those pictures on them. For me, I tend to avoid pictures. However, if the pictures is like an animal and your not wearing it in prayer... and it is not out of respect, than it is permissible. If one reads the commentary of Bukhari by Hajr Al-Asqalani for the last few hadith one will inshallah realise that. And Allah SWT Knows Best.
  10. Random Islamic Questions

    ^ It sounds more urdu to mean than Arabic. Would it be possible to write the word in Arabic? Jazakallah!
  11. Random Islamic Questions

    Praise be to Allah SWT Keep the following in mind, you have to make the decision. [2:219] - Bukhari And Allah SWT Knows Best.
  12. Random Islamic Questions

    Praise be to Allah SWT, Depends on different school of fiqh, that one follows. Remeber there is evidence that Prophet SAW and the companions in Salah moved the finger once also. And Allah SWT Knows Best.
  13. Random Islamic Questions

    Praise be to Allah SWT, There was a difference of opinion in regards to it. However, the later ulama say taht the face must be covered. And Allah SWT Knows Best.
  14. Random Islamic Questions

    Praise be to Allah SWT, One should avoid gatherings in which alchohol is served. The Prophet of Allah SAW said in hadith, Allah SWT curses one who buys, produces, serves, is in a gathering with alcohol, etc. and anyone who has a connection with alcohol. If the connection can't be avoided than thats different. For example, you are attending a university and the university makes a little profit by selling alcohol. You can't avoid that, and you are indirectly related to that. One should always feel guilty about that, and ask Allah SWT for repentence. However, going to a party, chilling with people, advising a person for alcoholic business, all fall into direct connection with alcohol, thus should be avoided. And Allah SWT Knows Best.
  15. Random Islamic Questions

    Praise be to Allah SWT, The proof of that the people in the grave could hear those that are alive comes from the battle of Badar in which Prophet SAW said to the Quiresh who were killed, how did your denail of truth help you? The sahaba asked him how could the dead hear him, and he replied they hear me better than you do. The hadith in regards to the angles conveying salutations from a person applies if a person is sending it from a distance. In any case, we should still not say "Ya Muhammad", in the same manner Imam Ahmad said we shouldn't say "Laddi bil Qurani Maqkhlooq". Al-Falah quoted one of the eminent Shakh of Arabia, who said that Prophet SAW can't hear us through a hadith. Many Ulama say Prophet SAW can hear us provided we are in the ruza of Prophet SAW, and he replies to our salutation. This is what was taught to me, and backed up by numerous hadith. Again this is a very very complicated manner. Let me just give an example, and inshallah it will help. Prophet SAW saw Moosa AS in hajj, and he had his fingers in his ears and he was saying, "labbik labbik...", on a ride. I heared this hadith from Shaikh Muhammad Al-Makki Al-Hijazi, when he was doing the Seera of Prophet SAW. Shaikh Muhammad Al-Makki is an prominent sheikh who does his halaqah inside Makkah, and as far as I know is the only foreign shukh given permission to do dars. Ponder over this hadith, and inshallah you will be able to realize the complexity of what we are dealing it. And Allah SWT Knows Best.