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  1. Have You voted in this year's MM Awards 2010? If not please follow this link : http://maniacmuslim.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23725-mm-awards-2010/

  2. why do you only remember me vaguely ?!!?

  3. oh my days! i remember you vaguely

  4. yeah you've been scarce :) But not forgotten

  5. thanks! i haven't been on here for like....a year or 3

  6. Indy Jones...meh was random. I kinda got bored surrounded by 12 year olds who kept going "ooooooooooh", "woaaaah".
  7. ^^ lol aw i wanted Signature to win man, was gutted when they came second. The look on Simon Cowell's face, when he came out as a cleaner was priceless!
  8. Bolton Subways Halaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! Whoop de la Boop
  9. ok i supposedly have allowed Limewire through the firewal, but it still says there's a firewall tut. confuuuuuuuuuuused
  10. Limewires ALWAYS worked for me, but as soon as I got Vista it says: "Your computer is behind a firewall or router and cannot receive direct connections" what to dooo? I've tried deleting it all and downloading it again but it keeps saying that and it's annoying me. Help please
  11. viiiiiiiiiistah! uhm i tried restarting it..an the typing it in..imma go try the rest. quick help me i am the confused. ooh oopdate! the typing it in on windows explorer worked..!but how do i get it back on desktop i wonder..thank thee for the helpingness. pardon the way im speaking..im being ever-so-weird
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