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  1. I have family members here (including very close ones) from Pakistan that refuse to eat anything aside from curry and desi food or wear anything outside of desi fashion, and I have other friends who read manga(japanese comics for freaking kids) and argue that because it's foreign, it's better than any English based work (one guy would compare these childish comics to freaking Orwell's work!). I can safely say that both these types of people suck. The super nationalists and the anti-nationalists. And I agree that hippies or now hipsters are the worst type of anti-nationalists, I'm in uni right now and argue with vegan pricks all the time about how talking to god damn trees is not better research than lab work. To be honest I can see why both ideals are inciting, the comfort of the familiar and the appeal of the foreign. But people (maybe just an American thing) just seem to take it way too far, maybe the overly partisan politics fuels this, but it's irritating to talk to someone about anything and arguing against "it is the best thing ever because it's ours/foreign". *also just as a side note, Starbucks seems to be a camp for attention seeking people. I've been once when I went to icna, and even in a hotel lobby there were "writers" talking loudly to no one about their novel, or some guy talking highly about the latest cd they were shilling. What is it with people constantly looking for attention at a coffee place? Are your lives really that empty that harassing complete strangers is the only way you can feel like a success?
  2. In this post, you agree that men are the problem for no apparent reason. Probably some lame "women are amazing, men create the problems in the world" line of thinking. You simultaneously state that you are aware of research and studies showing men have more frequent desires for sex, and require the physical more than the emotional like women do. And then ignore it...for no reason. Then you claim that it is true, and that Allah is just testing them. Frankly he's testing everyone this way, there is no reason to stay abstinent in religious terms otherwise. It's like if we all had a physical desire to drink alcohol after puberty. This whole "women don't have sexual desire" is just absurd, you're not fooling anyone.
  3. Saying that "black has smaller brains" is wrong does not make everything Darwin theorized wrong, and certainly not his large and general theory of evolution. Also humans are animals biologically, which brings up the obvious question of why humans are excluded from evolution? I've heard of some articles, but any peer reviewed credible research on the subject released? I find it weird that Muslims tend to accept major theories(germ, gravity,big bang even string theory and multiple universes) and have even seen some reject them entirely, and that both will use similar hadith and Quran quotes to support their sides. You can accept the theory and believe that humans don't apply, or you can reject it entirely. But you can't "not believe" in the theory and accept creationism. Science doesn't work that way. You can disprove a theory that has over a century of publishing and research supporting it by not believing in it. You can choose to not accept it based on belief i.e "I don't have the proof yet, but it is contradictory to my beliefs". I haven't seen that with these posts though, the people against evolution just smear Darwin, use Harun Yahya(who uses Quran or Hadith) and pretend it applies directly. James Watson got high on lsd, smears black people to this day using eugenic thought and is a firm believer in aliens. It doesn't magically make his findings on D.N.A irrelevant, and it's absurd to think so. And it's even more absurd to use Adam's(a.s) creation in heaven and pretend it applies to all creation. Lets take the quran in its most literal sense, and that Adam(a.s) in his entirety was created in heaven, how does that involve the origin of everything else? How can you accept the big bang and not evolution? How can you accept germ theory and not evolution? My beliefs certainly hold me from accepting everything about evolution, but this picking and choosing nonsense seems so irrational.
  4. And how many of those things were you able to do at 11? How about now? It's stupid to pretend a kid should be super precocious, if you're kid is blessed with the massive intellect that comes so rarely it's not even worth mentioning, get some professors to help you form a fast leap from schooling. Otherwise, it's stupid to push your kid like this. Do you seriously want to be the kind of parent that beats their kid because they aren't capable of learning calculus easily or the sports dad who sneaks steroids into their kids shakes (and yes, they do exist)? I'm guessing you're actually listing things you want to do (otherwise, trying to get an 11 year old ready for marriage before they even hit puberty is kinda sick). School is really more about being social, and if you want your kid to be some crazy anti-social outcast that burns out quickly then by all means, push them early. But be warned, even Sidas burned out early and he had possibly the greatest recorded I.Q. and become what is essentially, barely human. *Edit: Also, what does is say about people when they take advice from 9 year olds before great scholars of the past?
  5. Anthama


    For reference try typing in "microsoft suc" and see what it suggests, I'm supposed to pretend that people actually typed that in? Google is more unbiased, fast and maintains a large number of available resources (translating, caching for a mirror) and if I want something specific enough, I will use more specific terms or wolfram if available. "Google suc" showed "google success kit", which led to different sites talking about a scam. "chrome suc" suggests "chrome success", which shows a "success or failure" and "no chance of success" articles bashing the google product. If I can't have unfiltered searches, especially with a company like microsoft that will easily take money to boost websites and remove criticism, then why bother using it.
  6. are you seriously considering copy and pasting lame arguments (verbatim off the great Harun Yahya) and mixed with verse of hadith and quran to be a legitimate form of discussion, and when someone ignores any points and just spams their own. Literally just pasting other articles of sites over and over knowing the contradictory posts will be sparse between pages and that somehow validates their own absurd views. This is not the muslim way, we don't scream when others ask why and we do not silence those with questions and those with rational views.
  7. Not to sound too pessimistic, but Flowwers is just going to come in here and spam again. But, if you can provide some new rational or arguement, I think everyone else would appreciate it.
  8. At first I thought the first above him triggered it, but watching it again, it was freaking me out! I can't believe they let him play with that kind of condition.
  9. Lift weights. If you're 15-17, about three times a week, never close to over training. Lots of protein to build muscle. If you're 18+, lift every other day and work up to every day(a diff body section) except for one day in a week. If you're female (and I can't stress this enough), do the same thing. Your body does not have the testosterone to produce the massive muscle (you will not look bulky) and you will have a great muscle to weight ratio (compared to guys) so you will be able to have great increases in strength before adding any mass anyway. The super big woman who look like men take steroids, the super skinny toned chicks lift weights. If you weigh less after exercise, it might be you're not getting enough food (a mesomorph with a bad diet) because a true skinny person would not be so affected by an increase in activity. Also, muscle weighs more than fat and is far more dense(i think 3 times more). So gaining a pound of muscle will make you look thinner before you gain weight. You will look toned (think bruce lee),but still skinny, until you gain a lot more. So don't freak out if you look thinner,but weigh the same. Also, I mention this some times. Acne with male teens will increase, so wash up after a workout. Your hormones are going crazy, and adding muscle will increase those further. Not a huge problem(unless you start taking steroids), but just a heads up.
  10. ^ they see me trolling, they hatin'!
  11. Just to r-z, can you post some links on the "de-evolved" argument? I also find it disgusting how flowwers is constantly taking quran and hadith and randomly placing it around her argument to imply that GOD HIMSELF agrees entirely with her and everyone else is some form of evil spreading demon and those that even question Harun Yahya is the worst of demons. From your first post link, to your own thread. Your second statement is and I quote What about Harun Yayha? A quick search reveals that he was classically trained in INTERIOR-DESIGN, and then studied philosophy and is known to try and mix scientific rhetoric with mysticism. He has no right to even question a scientific theory if he is not scientifically trained in any manner, by your own words. This is no hypothesis or someone openly guessing, this theory has massive proof, formed and tested by every scientist for more than a century, and micro-evolution has been seen by people on this very forum. Unless Harun Yayha can release papers in peer reviewed journals, peer reviewed by credible scientists, he has no right preaching and spreading complete fabrications when he has no training. Science is an "all or nothing" field, you can't accept germ theory and even gravity whole heartedly. And instantly reject evolution because it didn't fit what you presumed to be. Are you going to reject quantum mechanics because it's difficult to understand? How about parallel universes? If you aren't going to spend a lifetime studying to understand the material, you can't use your own feelings and understanding to contradict a massive amount of scientists. You can however easily find many who have spend a lifetime studying the material, are considered credible by the other scientists and release their info through peer reviewed journals. But harun yayha is not one of them, he is just some author. And chances are, even those "contradicting main theories" scientists will say things you don't agree with. But that's not science, you don't believe in theories, you accept them accordingly. If you said "i accept evolution, but don't believe it applies to humans". That's fine, and that is really the only time quran and hadith can be thrown in to help with rhetoric, when dealing with beliefs. But saying "i don't accept the theory of evolution" and then throwing in quran and hadith is just a leap in logic, it's not even dealing with the same field anymore and anyone who isn't just here for the confirmation bias can see that.
  12. http://www.wimp.com/scienceidea/
  13. The whole "split up meals into small meals" is to boost your metabolism, so have larger meals if you still have trouble. Also this guys works out with great intensity, probably twice a day. So keep that in mind when you try and copy his diet. Too be honest, just avoid sugars and eat real food. Eat until you're full and try to get some exercise so your body absorbs the protein and builds some muscle. Diet will help you lose weight or body fat, which is obviously the opposite of what you want (gain weight/muscle) so worry more about exercise because that's your best bet at gaining weight.
  14. Have you been sick, some people tend to exercise less and eat more and other can't eat anything but their metaboliosm remains high. Your muscle will remain the same, so try to SLOWLY gain the ten pounds. Workout people, I don't know why you're looking for dieting and other crap. Be glad you can keep your body fat low and then add some muscle. *here's one form a pro-natural bodybuilder(tested for drugs),sisters shouldn't check out the rest of the site for obvious reasons. http://www.brianwhitacre.net/Nutrition.html
  15. ^workout out with light weights, I think that's a myth though. I believe 3 times a week with a medium intensity is fine. You should not be sore EVERY TIME after working out. In the start you will be, but it should calm down. If you are, you are over training. High intensity is very close to over training, and requires a great diet(tons of small high-protein meals) and that's the type you want to avoid until you're at least 17 years old. I know it's a joke, but that's not the point. I tried the whole "get fat" thing after every idiotic adults would give this to me (right after commenting on how ridiculously skinny I am) and it is so stupid to follow. And I followed this for years, I got higher body fat and horrible acne(still have some acne and stretch marks from the growth). But considering my history (both parents and a lot of my family has diabetes) I should be in much worse shape. It's not good advice, but constantly seeing it and hearing it as a teen makes you try desperate things. And the high metabolism leaves you with slow change, which means you will notice only when it's pretty bad. Take it from someone who's tried the desperate approaches, just workout and eat right.
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