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  1. Dude come back already. We get you got pissed.

  2. Ramadan Mubarak! Hooray!

  3. Hooray! Happy Birthday, big guy!

  4. Happy Birthday.

  5. "Attacked" is a pretty strong word. I don't know how many sisters get "attacked" for having make up on or not wearing hijab properly. It's called criticism, and people with clean hearts should be able to handle it without losing their cool.
  6. lulz, chill out. It wasn't a big deal. The best of men lose their cool and we had a good discussion going on for a while. I hope you stay/come back.
  7. The other part of the problem is during the aftermath of such events, you get people taking the opportunity to exhibit their piety/moral superiority with posts/rants singling out the "2-3" people. You take a little piety, mix a little reprimanding attitude, do a little finger pointing... and everyone suddenly thinks you're smart and place you on the all-desirable social pedestal. Once upon a time I actually used to think these posts were good and helpful. They're not. They're about as bad as the posts that led up to the incident, they add no value. Posts like this one, and many others, "Why are we talking about how women dress", "Why are we talking about female make up", "Why are we talking about [insert any seemingly unintelligent topic]?" Guys, seriously, to everyone, get over it. It's a forum. People are going to talk about everything and anything, it works differently than in real life. Comments like these serve only to boost an ego. We're all human beings and do stupid things. We talk about stupid things, we think about stupid things. Everyone does this. Including the super-smart people among us with their mountainous piety. Whatever happened, it happened, it was a mess. That's humanity. I've learned some important lessons, and I am still trying to digest other lessons. Unless you see some super outright haraam talk, then don't involve yourself by telling everyone to stop talking about the topic you think is worthless. If you think it's useless and worthless, don't get involved. And I say this all as a very stupid person. Just my two cents. Or pence. Whatever.
  8. Bloody UK gave us it's bloody raining weather bloody hell.

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    2. The Remnant

      The Remnant

      Really? That must be such a strong word. I was just trying to be funny, I'm not pissed.

    3. Keena


      Well it was funny.. because you're a Yank

    4. Rasmalai
  9. You know what rhymes with freelancer? Peedancer.

    That's not appropriate.

  10. English is not her first language.
  11. People hate me on both sides. Lulz. Just look at Rz, how he coddles your emotions, but turns on me for doing the right thing. I still exist, so clearly I should not be banned, I've done nothing wrong.
  12. Thank you, that's all I am saying.
  13. People wanted to talk about something, that's IT. Don't turn this into "Everyone just wants to prove how MAN They are", because that's not what it was about.
  14. So... anyone have plans for the weekend? =/

  15. What dumb stuff? :S People were talking and discussing. Us guys don't get disheartened when you tell us that we suck at cooking. Lulz. I'm not insulting you. I'm sorry if I did earlier.
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