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  1. hey salam alaikum, you got msn? it would be easier to talk there x :)

  2. Oh, absolutely! Please don't let it come in your way. Whenever you're done insha Allah I will be ready :) May Allah make the exams easy on you! Thanks again


  3. of course i can hun, im right in the middle of exams and assessments right now for uni...but i finish my main one on 27th april, so can italk to you about it after? xxx

  4. Feel free to PM them to me insha Allah

  5. Sis can I ask you for a favour? Can you please give me reliable links that explain Shia? I really want to learn more, but I want genuine sources, and since you are Shia, would better would I ask :P

  6. Oooh okay! :) Silly me, I thought it was someone else. I was always wondering about it. Thanks hun <3

  7. ws :) sure

    ya haidar is like saying ya ali. haidar is another name of Imam Ali (as) and haidar means lion - and we say he was the lion of god - the bravest warrior mankind saw!! ya ali :D

    t xx

  8. Salaam :) Hey sis, I just wanted to know why is it that some people say 'Ya Haidar', I understand why they say Ya Ali and Ya Hussein or Ya Jaafar, but can you please tell me more about Haidar?

    Jazaki Allah khair :)

  9. heyyyyyyyyyy, whats new babs?

  10. personally, i think marrying inter racially adds a little bit of spice and yes inter kids are gorgeous!!! It's all about variety, its all about wether you choose tuna or salsa......pickles or jaleponas mmmm yummy lifes full of variety and i love it
  11. yes its true, girls think way to much. Everything you do is noted, and analysed, then re analysed until something that started off as a molehill turns into the biggest mountain you have ever seen.
  12. - sunshine!! I love waking up and taking a shower and walking outside just to feel the sunshine on me - children....they are so innocent. they remind you of whats good in the world! - the first sip of tea you take in the morning - red nail varnish is just too good to be true - kids dancing - spending time with friends doing nothing special....... just talking - getting together with family and talking to all your aunties and uncles - ROUNDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - the first bite of food after your soooooooooooooooo hungry - when you pray namaz and its one of those really good ones where you feel the connection - doing a good deed and then your smiling inside all day - earrings i love earrings! - getting a text from someone special and then saving it till lunchtime to read it - seeing your best friend after a long time and hugging her like crazy!! - asking my mum one million questions while she makes the roti and then i make the last one and it turns out square but she always comments on how nice it is - long drives with people you love - watching football with my brother and have him make fun of me cause i cant understand the game - N'SYNC back in the day (hahahah sorry but they ruled) - making fun of bollywood films and cringing and hiding behind the pillow - PIZZA!!!!! - when you haven't seen someone for ages and then you see them and get all happy - long phone calls talking about everything late at night alhumdulillah for everything
  13. i haven't read through the entire thread - just the first post but if sisters want to be hard headed thats absolutely fine.....but i prefer to melt completely and love passionately or else whats the point! but the hard headed sisters should not criticise the soft sisters! :@
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