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  1. you're afghan :o?


  2. hey, i just noticed we have the same birthday :o...you are the first bday twin i've come across. yay us :D lol :P

  3. Asalamoalikum, tummyfish06:

    Sociology and Islamic Studies gets you 1/2 credit. Sociology?! There's still time for science. I'll make duah.


  4. A country with such a rich history and culture, it blows your mind. Share your stories, fobs and nonfobs alike or just random observations and Afghan commentary. I'll begin with an odd observation. Is it just coincidental or is Afghanistan in the shape of a teapot (placed on an angle)? Observe below
  5. here's one more towards a thousand

  6. A new MM'er made me reminscent of one of the best things that ever happened to old school- Mario Bros. Luigi, the background music, those little lego looking blocks. Discuss.
  7. ahh, unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to run into one. I know, they run rampant and are everywhere in Ohio but I've somehow missed them every time :(

  8. Like Xena?

    She's really cool but wears haram clothes and does haram things :(

  9. Have you ever met a warrior princess?

  10. As salaam walaikum, Happy Birthday! Hope u have a great day n all ur duas are accpted. Ameen. :D

  11. Happy Birthday!!!

  12. Happy Birthdayyy <3

    have a great oneee!!

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