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  1. You've disappeared. *cries*

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY haha don't ask what I'm doing on here =P

    I heart you little one <3

  3. HEY! You haven't been here for ages! Miss your posts Tink.

  4. Assalaamualaikum everyone, I just wanted to say I miss all of you and it feels super weird coming back on the forums after all these years but I still think about you guys! Hope everyone is doing awesome inshaAllah ! Take care & walaikumusalaam
  5. flop we didn't even pull off a single mission.

    all your darn fault.

    your name is soo fobbish. who makes their username princess 786. why are we friends again?

  6. I always got time. Make sure you come back and visit was good speakin to you. Take care! Walaam

  7. Will for sure pass on the salaams.

    You just won't have time. that's all =)

    kk kiddo ttyl. good luck and study hard!


  8. Oh yeeeeee nursing i completly forgot! Sorry! Wow princess is gone so big! Tell them two i said salaam! And give them candy from me. Also, why do i have to wait a couple of months to find out, can't you just tell me now?

  9. ouu first year! that's super dooper exciting!

    in a couple months you will know why I disappeared. University is a lot of work and almost no time.

    Nursing. I can't believe you forgot you budda baccha.

    Sisterhood is awesome alhamdulillah. Starshine is in her last year with me and Princess is a teacher and is teaching gr2! How awesome is that...

  10. I'm first year uni :$ your so bhuddi compared to me. What field of work are you looking to go in to? Are you married yet? Why did you disappear? Where's my whole sisterhood at?

  11. Alhamdulillah I am still alive =D

    2 mins aahhh!! I could read do like i dunno so much more in that time.

    i can't do 2 mins of mm a day thats like doing 30 seconds of prayer.

    okay. bad comparison.


    last year of uni. woohoo! alhamdulillah! almost done!

    whatchu upto?

  12. Omg you're alive! Come on here for like atleast ten mins a day! What work are you doin, man you've grown up so fast

  13. Hi <3

    erm assalaamualiakum =P

    I miss you!

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