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  1. Hold my hands and flyyyy...never say goodbyeee <3

  2. it's so depressing outside =(

  3. Weddin' Crasher eh?

  4. how's ur uncle now?

  5. and aqua fit! WOO!!! we're on a rollll

  6. yoga, gym, halaqa. wow we're sacred!

  7. just wanted to say, i love you <3

  8. oh hello there sister starshine =)

  9. Alhamdulillah my Uncle is feeling better, the doctor's are saying it's a 'Miracle Case.' Allahu Akbar! Because i haven't gone to visit him recently [my exams] the doctors had said something about the drug levels in his body being too high and this caused him to have an infection and a fever. but Alhamduillah he's still concious although he can't write anymore as of yet, he can nod his head and understand what everyone is saying. Alhamdulillah. the doctor's haven't given an approximate release date yet because they're still trying to overcome this new obstacle [the infection]. Please keep him in your duas, and also those who are in need as well. Jazak Allah.
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