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  1. the 4 major madhabs say its haram.
  2. asalaamu alaikum, i got a buddy in missisauga, recent convert. who wants to go to isna, is there a group thats going from that area?
  3. I have a crush on sheikh spear
  4. http://www.soundclick.com/util/streamM3U.m3u?ID=2038757&q=Hi British guy: Sheikh Spear (http://www.bkid.tk) Saja P. (http://www.sajap.tk)
  5. you guys wanna chill for a bit? cool down please plug: http://www.muslimac.com <---go there
  6. asalaam alaikum maniac muslims We got JACKED http://www.cafepress.com/muslimteez http://www.cafepress.com/makkahteez not cool. I would appreciate if some of you could send an email to thesuperstore@gmail.com with the message: "A MUSLIMS PROPERTY IS SACRED - REMOVE THE SALAH AND MAKKAH SHIRTS" Jazak'Allah Khair
  7. i'ma day late i think happy birthday tulu, ur the same day as my dads bday
  8. Common is actually not Muslim, never claimed to be, I dont know why people assume he's muslim, same with Talib Kweli. Check out http://www.muslimac.com for muslim rappers.
  9. hamzahs the man, as always keep writing
  10. everyone click them it really helps
  11. never trust a woman when she says "brb"
  12. alhamdulilah, I dont think I have any allergies.
  13. asalaam alaikum, hip hop, spoken word, comedy.............. http://www.muslimac.com
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