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  1. Having a hard time coming to terms with polygyny at this day and age, never thought I'd ever experience this! :(

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    2. Ooma~


      Is it? In my case it involves my mom, I just wanted to know if there was more people out there in my situation, can't find anyone to relate with lol.

    3. Keena


      Hey Ooma, my mum sorta kinda is in this situation. Yuo can drop me a PM if you want to talk :)

    4. Haku
  2. Polygyny at this day and age... Having a hard time consu

  3. Polygyny at this day and age... Having a hard time consu

  4. Polygyny at this day and age... Having a hard time consu

  5. Ramadan Mubarak! :)

    1. M-C


      Khair Mubarak :D

    2. Mowgli


      (belated) Ramadan Mubarak to you! :D

  6. Been a minute since I logged on woah...

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    2. cubster


      helloooo!!! Welcome baaaaack!!!

    3. randomthrowaway


      A name I remember :D Hi!

    4. respecta


      you looked at my profile and didn't even say hello. explain yourself.

  7. Ooma~

    Apple Sues Samsung

    Omg the HP tablet was AMAZING. They got rid of it, sold them all for a $100 each. It was just as good as the iPad if not better. It supported flash, had MS word, excel, PowerPoint etc. I really wish I bought one of those back then.
  8. Wots up London init blud m8 bruv x

  9. Ooma~

    Apple Sues Samsung

    An iPad is handy if you're on the go for the most part and just need a larger screen for mails, PDF files etc, obviously it's not fit for a student or anyone else heavy on using USBs and such. You really have to buy one to experience it's benefits, definitely easier to access/carry an iPad than a heavy laptop.
  10. Ooma~


    So that Cazorla-Poldi partnership worked out against LFC hey. Not bad. But yeah, we need to start spending those bills $$
  11. Ooma~


    What the heck was Wenger thinking today?! Didn't buy one single player during deadline day. I really thought he'd find a replacement for Alex Song at least, ridiculous. I doubt we'll beat Loserpool on Sunday. (ugh)
  12. Jazakallah for your responses, soo I take it that wearing those Shamballa bracelets should be fine?
  13. Ooma~

    Apple Sues Samsung

    iPhone's user interface is soo much better than Samsung's new Galaxy S3, plus that thing is unnecessarily huge. Apple >>>> Samsung (biased user, posting this via my iPad lol).
  14. I've read that "wearing threads that claim to have healing powers" is impermissible? I don't know, wanted clarification on that.
  15. Also I'd like to take this opportunity to say REAL MADRID BEAT BARÇA HAHAHA IN YOUR FACE. Okay I'm done. I had to get that out for all the haterz init.

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