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  1. *bump* For those who may not have come across it.
  2. From what I've heard, the GPU in April 2010 has been cancelled.
  3. Haha, where did you get that idea from?
  4. My Dear Darling My Dear Darling, I sense that you long for my heart, But I must disappoint you - For this heart longs for its creator, For it is truly His. My Dear Darling, Your pleasure is so addictive, But it is incomparable to my Creator's pleasure, For if I compared it I would become an apostate and be banished forever. My Dear Darling, If I hold you and whisper my promises to you Keep in mind that my words are only just, For my heart beats... My heart beat's because of His love. My Dear Darling, I allow you to come close to me, Have me for my temporary stay; I'll take pride and feel blessed. But don't expect me to remember Your name when I see His face. My Dear Darling, Oh my Dear Darling! Please accept my apologies in advance, For I have dedicated my life to His love From the mere moment that I was created. 4th October 2009 © 2009 - Tahir Rashid - All Rights Reserved. For more poetry by Tahir Rashid please click here.
  5. -T-

    I'm Back

    Welcome back ya Liban
  6. Ready to Leave Dig my grave, Get my shroud, I'm ready to leave. I've said my prayers, Written my will, I'm ready to leave. I've taken back Every hurtful word, I'm ready to leave. I've given back All the tears I've caused, I'm ready to leave. I've paid my debts And made amends, I'm ready to leave. I've hugged my dad, I've kissed my mum, I'm ready to leave. I've turned all frowns Into a smile, I'm ready to leave. I've lived my life And been the best. I'm ready to leave. Wait. Have I done all that? Please, Stop digging my grave! Put back my shroud! I'm not ready to leave. 14th September 2009 © 2009 - Tahir Rashid - All Rights Reserved. For more poetry by Tahir Rashid please click here.
  7. Salaam, Does anyone here provide/provided or receive/received private home tutoring of any type? I'm looking to start providing tutoring and wanted to know what sort of experiences people have with it as well as what sort of expectations one has of a private tutor. Any information would be helpful. Tahir
  8. Date: Saturday, 12 September 2009 Time: 19:15 - 21:00 Location: Trafalgar Square Town/City: London, United Kingdom Thursday the 10th of September at 7.15pm, Trafalgar Square: bring food for at least two; yourself and a stranger, and enjoy the shared relief when we all end 15 hours of keeping the food from our bellies. Oh, and observe the wacky (but hopefully not dodgy) participants of the Fourth Plinth project! Everyone is welcome! Whether you are Muslim or non-Muslim, coming from school, work or uni, or just coming from a day of shopping in the city centre ... we want to share food with you! Further info on iftars happening all over the country can be found at http://shareyouriftar.weebly.com/ So click "attending", tell all your friends, and don't forget to bring food! It could become one massive picnic by the fountains, overlooked by the National Gallery and the lions of Trafalgar Square. We need YOU to make this happen!
  9. Forgetting someone? This was really enriching experience alhamdulillah. Much props to those involved in planning and organising it.
  10. Your Love Billions and billions are better, Yet You still consider me. The devil thrives in my soul, I harbour my own enemy. But that doesn't seem to stop You From giving me Your smile, Otherwise I would be lost; Pathetic, dirty and vile. I've been drip fed with Your love Which now runs wild through my veins, So incomprehensible Even by the the whole world's brains. I want to share all Your love With every person that I meet, Help everyone realise That love could not be more sweet. But when the sun rests for the day And when the time becomes so late, I stand in front of You And lovingly I prostrate. 9th September 2009 © 2009 - Tahir Rashid - All Rights Reserved. For more poetry by Tahir Rashid please click here.
  11. No more yet, but I'm planning on doing some more in the near future.
  12. -T-

    I'm Back

    Alhamdulillah I'm still alive. What pay?
  13. No problem, feel free to share it with your friends and family As for my accent, I don't know how to place it myself!
  14. -T-

    I'm Back

    lilmonstaaaaa, not so lil now I suppose. How are you?
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