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  1. I need help to design a dl flyer ASAP!! Anyone know how to make them?

  3. Ideally, I would buy a Macbook Air, but my current financial situation doesn't allow it. I have to save for a couple of overseas trips that would both need lots of $$.
  4. And you're in the UK. I'm all the way in Aus, so with shipping costs, it would be the same as buying a new/ex-govt one here. Thanks for the offer though.
  5. A family friend recently got an Acer ultrabook and it's quite impressive. Not so easy to use though for me as I spend 90% of my time on Apple products. It's definitely on my shortlist (and as a bonus, it's very reasonably priced here!).
  6. So my laptop that I bought 9 years ago is definitely on it's death bed. As much as I'd love to get a Macbook Air, I can't afford that ♥♥♥♥ right now.... what's the next best thing? Help a sister out, MM!
  7. I know people who take selfie's on the toilet (and send them to me ).
  8. Ameena

    salaam :D

    Hello, fellow Amina!!
  9. So I am finally, officially employed at the school. Looks like I have a job till December!!
  10. I thought once was the norm. I actually had a similar convo with my sis over the weekend when I was out buying 2 identical black tops. Apparently that's not how I should've used the deal. Trolololol.
  11. I'm so gutted about this. And then the Aussies had the nerve to say the BlackCaps were being "too nice" by not trying their hardest. OUR BOYS KILLED IT AND WE ARE SO PROUD OF THEM!!!
  12. Alhamdulillah, tonight I will sleep knowing I have a new job starting next week. It's not in marketing, but it will open a lot of doors and allow me to pursue some dreams inshaAllah.
  13. Looking for a flat for a friend who's moving to Sheffield. UK folks, what are some good online real estate websites to use?

  14. Did anybody watch the NZ vs. Aus game?! It was intense!! my friends and I were on the edge of our seats till Williamson hot the winning 6 at the end. NZ were playing rather well till 146 when they started dropping like flies... to his credit, Starc is definitely one of Australia's biggest assets. To get 6 wickets in 1 game, bravo!
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