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  1. half way through they dimmed the lights a bit tooo much. couldnt write, but the ones i did make inshaAllah i'll give them to you but they need to be typed yet
  2. its a shame about the edl, all those texts flying around get people hyped up. dont worry next time another event may have better food since your only after the food
  3. MashaAllah a great event today everything ran smoothly and apparently i heard only about 4/5 members of edl showed up Beautiful recitation by brother Dimashqia MashaAllah and May Allah bless and reward all the volunteers and organisers who made this event happen (Ameen) oh and the Biryani.. what. can. i. say. MashaAllah
  4. nope and a few others didnt recieve theirs either!
  5. ^call up the organisers they are only telling ticket holders where the venue is.. or i could just PM you..
  6. lol iv posted already.. i will need reminders though
  7. I have had to stop myself so many times telling my mum about EDL, would have been nice to see you again! Im just hoping the venue isnt too far
  8. If your referring to the nasheed i havnt got a clue! sorry
  9. I listened to this talk quite some time back and it really does make you smile/laugh at points.. MashaAllah it is very well delivered and i definitely recommend it to all. i think there also is a question and answer setion somewhere on youtube
  10. JazakAllah for posting it up! Anyone who would like to attend.. get in touch and i'll put ur name down inshaAllah.
  11. AslamuAlaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh An event that took place at Westminster Uni.. Promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iP6tqDkpB8 and download lecture from here: http://flagoftawheed.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=227%3Athe-love-dr&catid=60%3Aabu-hanayn-murtaza-khan&Itemid=102〈=en InshaAllah there will be another event on 16 Feb about concept of God. I will post up details when they are confirmed, but if you do decide to come.. please get in contact with me or the uni ASAP. External places are limited.. dont miss out Enjoy the talk InshaAllah -Angel
  12. angel_17

    I am in love..

    I came online just to post on this thread. MashaAllah Boona Muhammad's spoken poetry is really good, there is one in particular when he is on a train and he randomly stands up and does his thing.. really funny. i think its called pursuit of perfection.. i can totally relate to what he's sayin in that vid sorry am to lazy to post up vid
  13. My dissertation is on happiness and religion! so bizarre i just came across 'the happy thread' on MM when iv been researching it all day long! if anyone comes across journals/articles related to the topic feel free to PM me.
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