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  1. After the mishap at the half Ironman, I was able to complete two sprint triathlons and have been improving in all three events.  This fall I’m running a half marathon in preparation for next year!

    1. cubster


      That's great. Keep on keeping up!

    2. superman


      اريد ان اكمل ارون مان لاكن احتاج تدريب قوة

  2. My half ironman race is tomorrow.  My goal is to finish and not die trying.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Summer.Haze
    3. Ishavemychesthair2


      My IronMan didn’t go as planned. I had an incident in the swim and my world became real small really quickly. I’ve been defeated before but this sucks on a whole other level. All I can do now is go back and train for the next triathlon which is in a couple of weeks.

    4. cubster


      At least you're still alive. I assume you mean you had an injury, inshaAllah it heals up soon.

  3. Doing a half IronMan this summer.  Why do I do this stuff??  Oh well.  This should hurt.

    1. Summer.Haze


      Just googled that. That's crazy! I'm assuming you work out a lot if you can accomplish that!! 😕

    2. Breeze


      😮 Good luck!

  4. Was just in Hawaii (at the Big Island) for the week on vacation.  The tuna poke was simply out of this world.  Also the volcano thing wasn't that big of a deal to the locals.  Kona coffee is also amazing.

    1. Breeze


      Nice. I don't like coffee 

  5. List of food I can now make:  chicken korma, muttar keema, aloo subzi, shrimp thai curry, pizza...and rice of course...and eggs.  #YESSSS

    1. Breeze


      Well done, Boss!

    2. cubster


      pics or it didn't happen

    3. Haku


      no pics, no licks

  6. My first race will be coming up soon - worst case it's in the summer. I still need track time during the rain - but that should be fun time learning how to go fast in the wet!
  7. Car racing is a lot more expensive unfortunately. Maybe one day if I can afford to do so! But motorcycle racing and motorcycling overall is a lot more fun imo! Only if you come cheer me on....
  8. *sends email to Hillary Clinton's DEEP STATE* *crap, Haku is on to me!*
  9. Seat positioning makes it easier to steer the bike when you're at max lean angle for yourself. After the corner you get back on the throttle which helps you bring the bike up and then you can transition back on to the seat.
  10. Happened last December. It's taken me almost four years but I was able to qualify for a motorcycle racing license. Like with track days, I'm going to start off one step at a time and try to get a few races in this summer. Here goes! A few photos from the day I got the license: Below is a picture of me trying to follow Toni Elias (Elias in the golden helmet). Elias is the current MotoAmerica champion and he was at the track that same day. He's incredibly fast and so smooth. I tried to follow him and almost crashed going wide on the track lol hence why I missed the apex by a mile! All of this is about moving forward!:
  11. Someone or a group of people tried to steal my race motorcycle while my wife and I were out of town.  UGH; it's literally the only material possession I care about!

    1. Breeze


      Those damn dirty hillbilly bikers <_<

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