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  1. I got a new to me 2008 R6 for my new track bike

    Tell him his gf stole his ducati.
  2. I got a new to me 2008 R6 for my new track bike

    haha thats cool.
  3. Someone or a group of people tried to steal my race motorcycle while my wife and I were out of town.  UGH; it's literally the only material possession I care about!

    1. Breeze


      Those damn dirty hillbilly bikers <_<

  4. Happy B-day!

  5. Happy birthday! :dance:have a great time ^_^

  6. The Investments Thread

    Yes; or Roth IRA, retirement account, etc.
  7. The Investments Thread

    1) Save some cash for an emergency - I would recommend a month's salary at least. 2) Pay off as much debt as you can. 3) Save to where you can survive 3-6 months if you get laid off work. 4) Invest anything you can for the long haul. It's all balance - don't kill yourself scrapping to save but keep in mind it's best to start saving as early as possible. I have my investments deducted from my paycheck directly so I can't even be tempted to spending the money so I base my spending on whatever's left from my pay check. That way I don't feel nearly as guilty as when I spend on motorcycle fun stuff.
  8. The Investments Thread

    I'm at 12% for the past 5 years.
  9. The Investments Thread

    dumped all my money into two funds and so far so good. i'm riding this wave until i have to put it back into government bonds.
  10. The Investments Thread

    I've gotten a 14% return on investments in the past year. Good year so far.
  11. Career change

    step 1 become a yankee. step 2 become astronaut.
  12. Career change

    try being an astronaut.
  13. Spent a night in Munich, and 3 days in Sarajevo.  I need another trip to Europe soon!  

  14. I also signed up for a sprint triathlon in late September.   These next few months training should be interesting.

    1. superman


      how do you train/ what's your routine? I'm interested coz I wanna have a lot of stamina/endurance

  15. Signed up for my first half marathon I'll be running in November.  Woohoo!

    1. AROwnen


      Cool. Training or just doing?

    2. Ishavemychesthair2


      Nah I signed up for an event in town.