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    Call Ghazza NOW!

    you could say this http://muslimmatters.org/wp-content/upload...alling-gaza.pdf i think this is such a great idea. if anyone has already done it let us know how it went down -- i'll try it this weekend inshaAllah when we get our weekly calling cards to Jalalabad
  2. me too inshaAllah btw can anyone find a biography of Imam al-Muhasibi?
  3. awww i heard this morning and couldnt wrap my head around it. i love this man, he's really a blessing for us. i hope he recovers soon inshaAllah and may Allah ease any pain and discomfort he may be going through
  4. subhanaAllah i cant even begin to imagine what they must be going through. just reading this is such a wake-up call. we're so unaware of the things that go on in the world. wow... ya latif may Allah (swt) remove all pain and anguish, grant him health and happiness, sabr and tawfiq and let him depart from this world with His Mercy i hope he recovers weebee, inshaAllah
  5. RIS WAS AWESOME AWESOME YEEEAH i didnt meet a lot of MMers except SC and Omar. yeah omar, i know you will read this post so remember my username i think i caught every single session except 3, only cuz i HAD to stay inside but i'm glad i did. they were all reviving , even amr khaled's mosh pits were exciting. i've only seen muslims lact ike that before they burn flags or destroy embassies i'll break it down like kikar Dr Tariq Ramadan - mashaAllah AMAZING...i got my book signed he's serious when he says he wants to get to know everyone. i love that man Imam Zaid Shakir - a people's man. so wonderful and friendly and amazing and awesome and tall mashaAllah. his presence is seriously the greatest thing ever. i cant believe he cried! that was such an andrenaline rush moment! Shaykh Hamza Yusuf - blew the crowd away, like always. so much passion and wonderful wisdom, ahhh Shaykh Mukhtar Maghroui - omgomgomg Shaykh Sulaiman Moola - hands down. best lectures ever...he knows how to deliver mashaAllah Imam Tahir is just really cool Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam - i love that man, his outfits, and his beard, and his accent, and everything he says everyone was great. EVERYONE people were great too SC - yeeeah! giraffe! - kept avoiding me. and everyone...except boys weebee - the most decent person around mashaAllah Hamzah - was surrounded by atleast 4 girls at all times. hopefully they were just his fiance and her sisters Omar - him and his entourage, lol tinkerbell - starshine - teehee princess_#s - Saqib - ... WHO ELSE?! i think thats it maaan i'm so sad its over. darn post conference stress syndrome thank God there is the retreat
  6. The schedule is up http://www.convention.revivingtheislamicsp...am_details1.asp
  7. Alexisonfire - This Could be Anywhere in the World
  8. Let the countdown begin! I'm volunteering too, heh. No food inside the lecture hall peoplez
  9. wow thats so retarded, I would rather have a lota machine than stick my face in such a shady looking machine
  10. ^ That was a joke btw you should probably leave a high person be
  11. Yea crying people wanna be left alone. Except maybe DI Photocopy it, you dont know what they're using it for. Who cares. And the last one is so easy, join him!
  12. the scary thing is, Saqib would actually do that and keep the album under his pillow or something YEA SC, me too! inshaAllah
  13. HFSDSJHDKJYFDJHGD. the trailer is so good! kind of long, but still exciting. i'm excited
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