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  1. Is it just me or is this place dying a slow death?

  2. Adnan Ibrahim certainly is popular among some liberal educated Arabs. But he has some massively problematic views diverging from traditional sunni Islam such as saying Isa (pbuh) will not be returning near the end of times and such. He's got the ears, but he's not a relied upon authority when it comes to knowledge. Also, there's no need to so vehemently defend Yazid. Yazid was not a sahabi, by consensus of scholars. Let's have the courage to call a spade for what it is. He might not have directly ordered the killing, but he created an environment that allowed for it to happen. As a Muslim, Yazid gets the benefit to have his case dealt with in the Highest Court, as a Muslim it also means he can't be singularly cursed, but beyond that there's no need to deny his involvement, or his (indirect) responsibility. Saying anything else is historical dishonesty and delusion. Since history generally does not have the same requirements of authentication as hadith does, then all reports can be considered. At the same time, shi'as have to realize that hating on and cursing sahaba is just not cool. Sunnis won't stand it, and will never support it. Here we go from matters of history to a matter of aqeedah/creed. As Sunni Muslims, insulting/cursing/hating/abusing the companions is hypocrisy, and can lead to kufr. We love ahl al-bayt, and we love the companions. The Prophet (pbuh) never cursed anyone by name, when he did though, it was made generally against the idolator oppressors. Related: Dr. Blankenship lecture on karbala: http://www.lamppostproductions.com/imam-hussain-ra-a-historical-perspective-dr-khalid-yahya-blankinship/ Dr. Umar's, start at 1hr. 28th min mark:http://www.lamppostproductions.com/dr-umar-abdullah-imam-zaid-shakir-and-ustadh-ubaydullah-evans/ http://spl.qibla.com/Hadith/H0003P0015.aspx http://spa.qibla.com/issue_view.asp?HD=1&ID=13&CATE=30
  3. Happy birthday! And Eid Mubarak, too. InshAllah you're doing well.

  4. If that's the only reason, then it's a pretty horrible one. If a female's wearing hijab, she's done her part and it's up to the males to lower their gaze.
  5. This is upsetting. I was talking to someone the other day, and they mentioned how some students of knowledge that travel overseas for extended periods of time lose touch with the realities back home, and he gave an example of someone that did that and came back to write a dissertation on the permissibility of nanotechnology. As I read Sh. MD is currently in Kuwait, I believe his area of expertise should be applied to his immediate context and not across the globe.
  6. Nah, pretty standard for Ontario. Granted, it's for 7 months (considered the riding season) that they split the money over. We pay a lot for insurance.
  7. Lol- that's less than a month's payment.
  8. I don't know where you live but if I insured that bike as my first bike in Ontario, on my first year with a motorcycle license, I'd be paying as much on insurance as I would for the bike.
  9. Very recently I got the GS500F as my first bike. It's under 600cc but still very expensive to insure!
  10. Get a bike, it's a much more fun ride!
  11. Shared elsewhere, somewhere you no longer exist else I'd given creds.
  12. On one end we end up with some DIY Islam, on the other with the madkhalis.
  13. Can you elaborate in what way? As far as I know about the first two of the three personalities is that they provided the Islamic "legitimacy" and paved way for modernity to creep into Muslim societies. That's the extent of my knowledge of them unfortunately, which I'm sure is simplistic.
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