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  1. Happy New Year Everyone!!!

  2. Merry Christmas, now go away & leave me alone. I don't want to talk to nobody about nothing.

    1. Haku


      so, you want to talk some thing with some one?

  3. Dat Millennium Falcon tho

  4. Sheik Homestar

    Listening to...

    haha oh a brown wedding essential
  5. Sheik Homestar

    Listening to...

    The study jam for the next ~46 mins
  6. Sheik Homestar


    Salaam bro!
  7. Sheik Homestar

    Listening to...

    The whole 10 hrs.... feels like you've never left that wretched hive of scum and villainy
  8. Sheik Homestar

    Last show you watched

    Trailer Park Boys! Just finished the most recent season, and I am impressed. Gotta love Bubbles, Ricky and Julian and the whole Sunyvale Trailer Park!
  9. Sheik Homestar

    Stephen Hawking: There Is No God

    The purpose of science was to explain the universe. so when a scientist cannot explain something like miracles and acts of God, it frustrates them and they'll label it as something else, like "dark energy" or "auto-remission" and that sort. just wanted to participate in a thread that wasn't Funny Pictures
  10. So, UK… status quo? Or will there be changes?

    1. cherry*tomato
    2. Faerie


      There will be changes apparently, not sure what exactly though. Scotland want more powers to govern themselves in any case.

  11. Sheik Homestar

    Masturbation attracts bad people and abuse

    Yeah if you could provide us with some scientific evidence to support your arguments, that'd be just great
  12. Scottish Maniacs! Aye or Nae on Independence?

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    2. Haku
    3. Faerie


      I have relatives in Scotland if that counts........ Its a Nae from me!

    4. Sheik Homestar

      Sheik Homestar

      I dunno, random things from across the Atlantic spark my interest. I know when I was a kid, Quebec underwent a referendum for Secession. All hope seemed lost for those in favour of federation, until they started counting the votes in Montreal and just like that, the separatists lost the referendum, 51% vs 49%