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  1. salam

    It has to be pointing in some sort of direction or it won't get signal!
  2. salam

    was i right ?
  3. salam

    Well aeroplanes can't fly there as over the haram it is a no-fly zone, only the helicopters permitted by the King are allowed to fly in that area. Just have a look
  4. salam

    there's nothing to be gullible about this! Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me !
  5. salam

    No...I'm not joking, check out your qibla compass and then have a look at the sky satellite dish. I believe all sky dishes within the UK point towards the South East... and qibla direction is also towards south east
  6. salam

    its the same direction in which your sky dish points to
  7. Last show you watched

    Peaky Blinders Season 3 Episode 2
  8. Hellooo..

    hello and welcome Salma got a heart upon her? don't make sense .
  9. iPhone X

    It is pronounced iPhone 10, and not iPhone X Thoughts?
  10. Imac reinstall howto

    check this link: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204904 thats official apple, so should be safe.
  11. Imac reinstall howto

    Do time machine back up, get a blank hard drive, depending on the size of your iMac (That's only if you wanna keep your files) If you don't care about keeping your files then reset is easy.
  12. How do I report a person? Sadiyah1 is asking me for 3 million dollars

  13. #BanMe

    1. Hijab


      Well we can fine you and then ban you? #Approved

  14. :(
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    2. Jiyabreeze


      everything must be PG from now on!

    3. Hijab


      Omg. !!! :/

      Talk about respecta and his upset stomach please!! :o


      Jiya. You are also tres adorable!

    4. respecta


      Why does it need to be PG

  15. Stomach Pains

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    2. respecta


      How do I know?

    3. Hijab


      Mubarak ho respecta, you are expecting..again :D

    4. respecta


      I don't know who the mother is?