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  1. Asalaamu alaykum.

    I miss forums, guys.

    1. Breeze


      Wa alaykum asalaam,

      I miss not having a Muslim community where I live

    2. Daniel


      How so?
      I had that once, and I actually found it made me better as paradoxical as that sounds.

  2. So, I'm new. =D

    Thanks H.
  3. So, I'm new. =D

    Damn Daniel! My sister in law...Constantly...Well, months ago, when it was cool to say that! ALSO RESPECTA MAN WHATS UP!?
  4. Asslam u Allaikum

    Go away Robert, no one here wants you spammy crap. Welcome Madiha. Wa alaykum asalaam.
  5. Last show you watched

    Salty...Not impressed.
  6. So, I'm new. =D

    Bahaha. Dad humour - it's pretty apt. I have a nearly 4 year-old daughter, a nearly 3 year-old son and a son/daughter due in July insha'Allah! I guess that covers what's new too. I remember you well bro. How have you been!?
  7. Alhamdulillah!

    So many old members are parents now, it's insane. Masha'Allah! May Allah swt protect you, and your family - ferrero.
  8. So, I'm new. =D

    Lolllllll. Speaking of wives, mines reminding me I have to get some sleep so I can get to work and keep my job so she can then spend my earnings. Bed time. Asalaamu alaykum all.
  9. So, I'm new. =D

    We have hardly any venomous ones though. Snakes on the other hand. So you have a ball and chain too, huh? Know dem feels.
  10. So, I'm new. =D

    LOL I must have speed read the stuff Sar posted. Okay, yes, so apparently I'm into: Yep. That was me 9 years ago. Still down under.
  11. So, I'm new. =D

    Can't believe I just saw that. Yes. That is true, and with the damage that we have done to the planet in the last almost 10 years since you posted that I'm sure we should get onto this Roo export thing. Ha, 17 year old me. Pre-shahada me. Always fun.
  12. Last show you watched

    F is For Family. Coarse language left my wife pretty salty. Decent show though.
  13. ROLL CALL!

  14. ROLL CALL!

  15. ROLL CALL!

    We'll see.