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  1. I stopped watching Final Destination after the 2nd, aren't they all just repeating the same story over again? Plus they're more disgusting than scary
  2. But can you do the same to him, I mean telling him what he should eat and wear.. and does he take it or reject it?
  3. Afraid of things going too bad and losing him after being too attached, especially if the husband is a narrow-minded jerk who knows exactly how to control his wife with threats. And then again, there are wives with weak personalities who just give in to anything
  4. I agree with you. They've forgotten that what their husbands are doing isn't normal and isn't anywhere near "caring". But sadly, a lot of women are convinced that by controlling he's actually caring.. or they simple don't know how to say No anymore
  5. YES! I just figured that out yesterday when I wanted to re-use an old profile pic of mine, the cropping thing sucks! Who knows, maybe they'll fix it up As for the tagging issue, I suggest you play around with the privacy settings, cause I remember coming across something about friends of friends seeing tagged things..
  6. The title reminds me of this From the novel 1984 by George Orwell
  7. hahaha it's alright, it's not everyday that I get complimented like that ;p Ramadan Kareem and Eid Mubarak!

  8. LOL I AM SO SORRY, I thought you were this other member with the same name! Well, almost! Just one letter off. Haha, I take the 'sweet-cheeks' back, I am not creepy, I swear. :P


  10. what is this I don't even

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