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  1. looks like youve been gone for a good time too.

  2. HI!!! whens the last time youve been on here?? haha

  3. dang has it really been that long... cool :)

    1. cherry*tomato


      what is cool about it?

  4. Salaam. Unfortunately we do not delete member profiles. :)

  5. yo bud im sure u saw my status. how do i permanently delete my profile?


  7. HELL NO! soccer is the real shyte! my fav sport n then american football comes after. im also a soccer player silly and im arab so of course!!
  8. Aye, mine sister. The cursing will get a warning every time. But it's a small thang, and all is well. I'm glad to see you and Radhia have made a most sweet reunion! Hooray!

  9. You got a warning...hmm things have DEF changed a lot around here then lol people be on that POWER TRIP

  10. I am Mughal (later became known as Mace) - remember?? All the way back - spring '07 to summer '08.

  11. nice!!Radhea is a girl i met on here like 4-5 years ago n shes from the states n is tunisian n weve been best freinds ever since :) she found me tho lol we have a road trip planned inshallah one day i will get too meet her in person. shes like my blood sister. :) oh and i finally got a warning message from a mod here bout my vulgar statuses :)

  12. Mine sister, jazaks! That's very kind. But don't sweat the PM situation, in general. Everyone just has their own little quirks. I play fantasy ice hockey this year, and, alhamduliAllah, I'm rockn' the 1st place. My team is doing okay, I suppose. Also, who is radhea?

  13. oh this is hella interesting i was hoping to find some creeper females hella obsessed with fousytube on here..... i guess not yet?
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