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  1. How did you become a Muslim? What initially attracted you to Islam?
  2. Ah hah! Now I know how old you are! You're ancient! LOL I dont watch TV PERIOD!
  3. Well supplications are made to in order be answered and not made for reasons of PR or dawah! So the question is: 'Did Allah answer his supplications regarding the state of Illinois or the governor? Does'nt look like it.
  4. Musa I believe you hit on an extremely significant point that seemed to go over the heads of just about everyone here.
  5. well that's something we agree on!

  6. Well that what make the US government deranged because the 9-11 commission called it a conspiracy! LOL

  7. Buuke qi! (no need to thank). Whoa Nelly! This is a thread about learning Chinese, not Arabic. I suggest you go to another thread for that! However you are intelligent enough to be able to extract what you can from this thread to help you in that one! use your intelligence! LOL By the way the al-Ajurumiyya was one of the first texts I memorized by heart back in the days! As for the political ramifications for learning mandarin it is that you can get access to an entire universe of a world view which is mostly diametrically opposed to the world view that most westerners have been forced fed. Your ability to analyze news events and the real reasons behind them becomes enhanced due to it. Of course as you said the business opportunities are astounding! The fact is the status quo and those who rule and make decisions in the west have long been shuting down factories and industries in the US and the UK and moving them to China since 1979, while making you guys think that they were 'loyal' to the homeland! Had you guys thinking red white and blue while they were thinking 'red' all along! Anyway here are somemore tips from Bryan: Since you asked about Arabic are you willing to work with me in the scientific experiment I mentioned at the beginning of the thread?
  8. When I first started to learn Mandarin I started out from two perspectives, which are the two ways that a language is approached: [1] learning it; and [2] acquiring it. Learning the language is when you enrole in a class or get a tutor to teach you basis of the language, its grammar (if there is any), its alpahbets, intonations, syntax etc. This is the hardest way and is the manner in which a language is taught in garde school, high school and in higher education. Acquiring the language is when you delve deep into the direct usage of the language as a means to an end. In other words you go shopping, talk and intereact in a social transaction utilizing the language. This is much faster and practical and is the way that children acquire language. The person that really helped me in the latter was an American guy by the name of Bryan Todd with whom I communicated with over a period of three years by email. I will post some of the advice he gave me which may prove helpful for you guys who are serious about learning Mandarin. Remember, in the next 10 years Mandarin will be an essential tool for those who want to do international business, and in some extent diplomacy, due to the hemispheric shift in the geopolitical situation around the world. Only you guys who are completely domestically colonized by eurocentric.western civilization or are suffering from the century's old psychosis of intellectual apartheid will miss the present megatrend of learning Mandarin. I assure you that some of the 'rats' of western civilization have already jumped ship and have already snuck on board the linguistic ship of sino-civiliztion, in an attempt, like most 'ship rats' in order to survive the sinking of their civilization. I know you guys are probably sucking your teeth right now because here I go 'politicizing' something as trivial as a language. But the fact is your language or languages is/are your politics. If you only speak one language then you are stuck within the linguistic diameter/cirumference of that language in defining yourself and the creation around you. In fact, as Chomsky, the master linguist, so often reiterates, your political reality is the result of a lexicon of discourse not established by you, but is given to you by others. They set the diameter and framework for your discourse, and you can never escape the circumference of that discourse. Thus, your oppinions which you think are yours were already manufactured and then imperceptably bequeathed to you during the commercial breaks or perhaps during the media transmission, the game, the talk show, the animation, the movie, the song, the blog, the social studies class, the initiation, the party, the club, the election campaign or the social network. Like the rat in the proverbial maze, you have only one way to go, but you dont know it, which is what is admirable about the system, is that you think your opinions are yours. I realized how importance this was when a friend of mine in the US informed me that the FBI came to him and asked him about why I had gone to China and did I speak Mandarin or was I learning Mandarin. That series of questions by the FBI woke me up to the reality and the importance of being able to escape the linguistic plantation of ameriKKKan/western culture. Anyway, here are some tips based upon what Byran Todd told me for learning the language. Of course the advice Bryan gave me was based upon my living in China. In your cases you can substitute living in China by simply joining a Chinese martial arts school, going to drink tea at a Chinese restaurant (if you are lucky like in the Bay Area of California, there are two Chinese Muslim restaurants where you can go), go shopping in your local china town, or visit as often as you can the local Traditional Chinese Acupuncture or Herbal Mecidine Shop; or do all of the above. As you began to pick up the language you might want to pretend in the beginning that you know nothing about the language. This way you can try and descern what Mandarin speakers around you are saying about you. If they know you speak Mandarin they will be guarded in what they say about, and you will end up not knowing the 'essence' of the language, which are nuances, emotions and culture which the passengers of the Mandarin language. You guys are absolutely RIGHT, Mandarin is a TONAL language and its meanings are conveyed in its intonation, similar to Arabic inflection or syntax. Anyway the following is the first email I got from Bryan which set me on the right track for learning the leanguage:
  9. Sorry guys, as you know I'm kind of ghetto and only hang out in my hood on the Current Affairs & Politics corner, doing my slanging and tagging. Sometimes for business purposes I might ventured out of my hood, and came to this thread. Had I known there was athread like this I would have joined long time ago. First when you speak of learning Chinese you have to distinguish which you want to learn Mandarin or Cantonese. The first being the older and richer of the two, however both of them have many diverse dialects. I will drop some secrets that I learned in the language that should give you all a jump start. Realize that geopolitically English is neing lapped by three other languages internationally: Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin. By 2035 these three languages will be on a par with English in usage in science, business and international communication. Thus, a true internationalists will be the person who can communicate in these four languages. As I said I ONLT venture from my 'hood' in MM when I got 'business' to tend to. So lets make a deal. I am about to create a thread in the language section which I need the help from everyone on MM. It will be a scientific experiment which will have academic, social and political implications. If you guys help me in that thread I will do what I can to assist you guys to grasp the basics of standardized Mandarin. What do you say?
  10. I'm thinking what will it be like with a world with a new world currency other than the US dollar

    1. Mufasa


      A different color paper in our pocket with the same implications.

    2. Somnambulism


      A whole lot of bad for the US.

    3. rammy


      **random comment***

      I love you for the sake of Allah BRO

  11. sorry made a mistake and placed this thread in the wrong sector!
  12. LOL! Well because this is 'maniac muslim' its a license to be a maniac! I tend to act out far worse than I am in real life, on purpose! On line communication is A LIE, is NEVER the truth and its NEVER real! Its a false reality! Its ALL pretension! People attempting to make themselves into something they are not! That is the REALITY of the unreality of internet communication. So rather than LYING about how good I am, and how politically correct I am, and how wonderfully privileged I am, (since this invites the EVIL EYE), I prefer to err on the side of being a rude, toxic, maniac. Its far safer with Allah and keeps me safe from the fools on line who are looking for daddys' shaykhs, saviors, heros and gurus! LOL If you want to really know a person, you have to either be their neighbor, travel with them, do business with them, or have daily live interaction with them. THIS on MM is ALL fantasy! And as soon as you guys realize that the sooner you can get on with A LIFE and not look for one on MM! LOL ramadan mubaarak
  13. Actually those committed to the sacred religions have a far superior view of women, than those who do not adhere to any religion, or those whose commitment to their religious life is minimal. The latter tend to objectify, abuse and seek to control women, while those who are truly illuminated by religion see women as our mothers, our sisters, our daughters who should first be respected, honored, protected and elevated. Remember! I said those 'illuminated by religion', not those veiled or imprisoned by religion.
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