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  1. Did you get my email?

  2. i come on once in a while i miss this place to be honest, dont get much time these days! btw, i feel a little stupid asking but, cubby, whats SS?
  3. i think to avoid thirstiness and retain energy its good to eat stuff like, yoghurt, dates, porridge and stuff for suhoor, about water lol im not sure that'll work..
  4. awww-:) *e-hug* <3

  5. dunnnn!!!

    lol, you inspire me tee hee

  6. loool why, i love that word tho, bejazzledddd:p

    kulthum_p@hotmail.com add mee! i haven't been on in ages been soo busy-:(

  7. I is so bejazzled right now XD

    I think I've asked you this but do you have an msn account?

  8. hiyaaaaa habibati:p sapnin?

  9. but yeah, i love my heels
  10. haha its not a knafa, it is knafa its a dessert, and its like, the only dessert worth eating
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