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  1. D I

    Happy birthday dude.

  2. I think it is fair to come in here and post my defense. First off, that was 2 years ago, if I remember correctly. I still talk to people from this forum, outside of here. Ask them if I am that same person. You'll see that they would say no. In fact, as I posted in another thread, I have changed a great deal, based on my own personal life experiences. For example, I became good friends with a guy from Indonesia, while at uni, who is a Muslim. He and I hung out a lot, made each other dinner, and stuff like that. It was easy for me to believe and post things from other people on the internet, on this forum, simply because I didn't have that personal connection with anybody who was Muslim in my life. As my time as a leader at my Campus ministry on a secular campus, I even reached out to the local MSA to have a BBQ dinner with my church, in hopes of building friendship. Besides, the guy who runs investigate islam is a fraud, and preaches false doctrine of Christianity. So, you can decide to not trust me, if you so desire. That is fine. It is your choice. I understand your reasoning. I would have a hard time trusting someone with my past. However, I do realize that people grow up, mature, and change their opinions about things. After all, do you have the same exact foolish opinions you might have held as a child, or even a few years ago? I know I don't. Now granted, I am still a Christian, so by default I think that everything else is wrong, just like as a Muslim you find everything else to be wrong. There is no shame in making that claim. I stand by my Christian belief, and my Muslim friends know this. We might have an occasional discussion about beliefs and such, but don't ever hold malice towards each other for our beliefs. Finally, to make it clear why I posted here again: I am not in the business of converting you. That is not my job. If you wish to debate/discuss religion and faith, then fine. And if from that you want to be Christian, great. I am not here primarily for that though. Right now I am between jobs, so I have a lot of free time on my hands. So I decided to come around to see how things were around here. Again, I have a few friends that I talk to on a daily basis that are regulars here, and they have mentioned the site a few times, which piqued my curiosity. So, there it is from my own mouth..erm hands, I guess.
  3. Its really hard to tell. I mean from what aspect? Since weed is illegal in the US, you have to buy it illegally here, meaning it likely comes from drug cartels, who promote violence, arms, drug, and human trafficking, as well as instability in many countries, like Mexico. So from a larger perspective, smoking weed does a lot of harm to others. Alcohol also does harm to others, like if you drink and drive. But it also ruins a lot of lives. When I was part of this campus ministry, i knew a few people who came for help because they were 18/19//20 year olds who were self proclaimed alcoholics. It is very addictive, and even though it is permitted in extreme moderation in my faith, I still advise people to avoid it because of its harmful effects.
  4. I will attest to dialogue being a good thing. Here is my own experience: Some of you remember a few years back when i joined this site. I had no real knowledge of Islam, and really knew no one of Islamic faith. So I was here trying to "debate" and convert everyone to being a Christian. That didn't go over too well. In fact, it is a very shameful thing. And I know how shameful it is because with in the last year or two I was able to talk face to face with some Muslims, and actually built quite a few friendships out of just talking and not trying to convert everyone. In return, I have learned not only a lot more about Islam and Muslim, but also about my own faith. So yes, it does strengthen one's faith, for the most part. And it also leads to friendships, which is important to have in our world, filled with so much anger, confusion, and hate.
  5. Zilam

    Your Accent?

    Midwestern US, which is pretty well neutral, and a bit of southern twang in there as well.
  6. I find that changing my socks half way through the day, and washing my shoes once a month or so I can keep my feet smelling like a bed of roses....or something Now my hands on the other hand, they always smell bad. No matter how much I wash them, they smell a bit metallic or maybe a little rusty? Weird smell.
  7. I'm not going to be able to eat popcorn now, after hearing about feet smelling like that.

  9. Happy Birthday :)))

  10. I remember gabbly. It was so much fun.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqg6BNSUG5Q MEOW LOL
  12. I like puppies, and kitties, and heaven! Sounds like a fun place.
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