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  1. Transgender at 11

    There already is and its a can of worms https://genderneutralpronoun.wordpress.com/tag/ze-and-zir/
  2. I think you misunderstood him. Using bit coin as currency is okay according to some scholars, but final fatwa is pending. Investing in bitcoin (buy now and sell later) involves lot of uncertainty and hence extreme gharar. Otherwise it is like investing in currency, but with the uncertainty/bubble factor. I am not too sure about investing in traditional currency my self.
  3. first we have to stop people from being stupid. you should lead
  4. extreme gharar comes from Mo. Using bit coin as currency might be okay comes from the article where they list 3 main opinions.
  5. Extreme gharar is applied when some one buys bitcoins to merely sell it off later expecting a good profit. Using bitcoin for purposes of transaction is entirely different story. darulfiqh.com/shariah-interpretations-of-bitcoin
  6. Dark web is pretty strong and ongoing. Shutting down of one market place or two won't affect all the underground CC dealings.
  7. mo - is insurance haram? Why? I am not talking about taking insurance out of a necessity such as car insurance to satisfy the law. More like ilfe insurance.
  8. I'm just stating that the reason behind the boom of crypto currency is due to the high value put on it by the criminals. And then it became a bubble. CC is based on Block Chain, but these are two different things. Internet is a great tool and it is used by porn industry and other illicit people. But internet won't lose its value if porn were to suddenly pull out. CC on the other-hand will find it self high and dry if darkweb pulled out. In fact, bit coin will deflate in the near future when the criminals move from bitcoin to more cryptic CC. When a (now) practically worthless CC gains lot of value suddenly, an ethical person will need to think twice about what he is investing in(and therefore contributing to). Sorta like investing in a company which produces bullets and is growing suddenly because it found a new market in recently destabilized country.
  9. one reason why there is a bubble (a bubble it is) on crypto currencies is that it is used very widely for criminal activities in the darkweb, thus driving the demand.
  10. well yes but you live carefree and living the uni life so its not nine to five and carefree and uni life so poo lololol
  11. Cubster's Eating Records

    it's better to satisfy the cravings when it's manageable. If you had one toast (with cheese or not) nothing much is going to change. How about that salt?
  12. Cubster's Eating Records

    Think of it as a nutritional supplement you need to take.