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  1. Haku


    what do you mean you usually have knowledge of western culture?
  2. Haku


    Never click
  3. Haku

    I qualified for a motorcycle racing

    Can he handle the rear view though?
  4. Haku

    I qualified for a motorcycle racing

  5. Haku

    I qualified for a motorcycle racing

    So,... you like shaver's a$s?
  6. Haku

    MM Awards 2024

    I nominate Breeze to organize and collect all the votes for the next contest.
  7. Haku

    I qualified for a motorcycle racing

    i don't believe any of this. What's the evidence that's you in the pic in the first place?
  8. Haku

    I qualified for a motorcycle racing

    Comparing Nov 2017 to Mar 2018, you seem to be slipping/falling less from the seat.
  9. Haku

    Transgender at 11

    it is. most (conservative) women in USA don't identify themselves as feminist.
  10. Haku

    Transgender at 11

    There already is and its a can of worms https://genderneutralpronoun.wordpress.com/tag/ze-and-zir/
  11. I think you misunderstood him. Using bit coin as currency is okay according to some scholars, but final fatwa is pending. Investing in bitcoin (buy now and sell later) involves lot of uncertainty and hence extreme gharar. Otherwise it is like investing in currency, but with the uncertainty/bubble factor. I am not too sure about investing in traditional currency my self.
  12. first we have to stop people from being stupid. you should lead
  13. extreme gharar comes from Mo. Using bit coin as currency might be okay comes from the article where they list 3 main opinions.