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  1. ... Necro... post DAMN... It's been what... 3 years since I've been on these forums? How are all y'all doing?! I've been busy with real-life as usual... Mainly with working full-time now (been almost 2 years since I graduated Uni actually, and I haven't been on these boards since what the beginning of 4th year undergrad?).. I honestly forgot about this place until speaking with Hammer boy (Hamzah - real life friend too) a few weeks back about random stuff and then he mentioned something about writing a new article for MM. And I thought to myself, "Wow this place is still alive and kickin'?" First thing I see at the bottom of the Forums is over 1,000,000 posts so congrats on growing so big, it's truly a testament to Hammer boy's vision of a closely knit Muslim community that brings satire and everyday humour to mix in with Islam in light of how us Muslims are depicted by the biased media. Well thought I'd drop by and say What Up... See what everyone is up to. Might be another 3 years until I come back here again but iA we'll see what the future holds... So much exciting new stuff happening in my life... Will also be travelling a lot for business, which means even more busyness coming my way but it never hurts to stop by. Hope everyone enjoyed the Worldcup, the Miami Heat epic roster changes (LeBron, Wade, Bosh and co. all to the Heat) and also the NFL season is right around the corner again, which I'm pretty pumped for. Goodluck.
  2. Surprised Kobe's deep lover Gole didn't post this yet... He won MVP so he is now officially the best player in the world.. Personally CP3 deserved it a bit more but glad Kobe got it if CP3 didn't.. Kobe was spectacular and definitely deserves this award so props..
  3. Hahaha... Much love and respect for the shoutouts ladies and gents... The real festivities will have to wait till next week since a lot of my friends still had/have finals... Wanted to reach for the NBA playoff game with the Raps vs Magic but ticks were sold out and for a fancy restaurant or two... Should've thought of this stuff ahead of time. But next week is when the real fun begins... Just a late bday bash I guess. Anyway appreciate it and ameen to the Dua muja... weeb's bday thread on me last year was better though
  4. Best thing to do whenever you get shin splints... just rest and ice your shins up (if you're able to). You will still get shin splints sometimes even if you do Muay Thai quite a bit but that's just from continuous rigorous exercise. Take a breather and then come back stronger.
  5. Its not a non-Muslim term... Wahabists are known to be a separate doctrine (whom most deem extremists) throughout the Muslim world. This ideology didn't originated from non-Muslims but from Muslims themselves. They're a separate group like ahmadis, salafists, sufis and so on are like. I don't like the divisions either but they do exist and we must recognize these divisions for what they are since there are differing beliefs amongst these groups.
  6. This is a fake and stupid post... Just an idiotic troll wanting to stir trouble... Don't be so gullible peeps and fall into his trap... Just ban the asshat, delete the thread and get it over with.
  7. Ah ok thanks for the info... What do you believe is the dominant neo-salafist group in terms of the level of their beliefs? Or isn't there one?
  8. We might as well have the option of making 'extempers' threads, which are totally useless and spam topics that really warrant spam convos.. So in the future ExT when you make your 50 threads a day, make sure you put a [Extempers] tag in your topic title so that we can be prepared for the uselessness that is this... You down playa?! Nah but seriously... your threads crack me up... I love it! Since this is your 'first experience with a girl', we're gonna cut you some slack fatboy...
  9. Yeah I was just gonna ask about the wahabist and neo-salafist doctrines... So even neo-salafists deem wahhabists as extreme? So essentially you have a scale and the wahhabist doctrine would be further down the scale in terms of being extremists (on a general not individual level) compared to neo-salafis? I kind of found it hard to differentiate between the two in terms of their beliefs
  10. Surprised that there ain't a thread on this yet.. Wild Game 1's so far... Phoenix and San Antonio to say the least. The Suns have always had trouble closing out games and their weakness on stopping the dribble penetration surfaced again, as Manu, Parker and TD did what they wanted to. They outlasted the Suns in a double OT thriller... If they lose this series, they would have failed and change in management needs to happen because their blockbuster trade in bringing Shaq to Phoenix had the sole purpose of limiting the low post prescence of Tim Duncan, and to a lesser extent, Kurt Thomas. Also it was to slightly offset the dribble pentration of the Spurs quick guards, Parker and Manu... So far, not so good... But it was damn exciting nonetheless... I really wanna see Nash get that ring. I will say Suns in 7 As for the Raps.. See above except with a less efficient offense. Parker can't guard Lewis, TJ Ford for some reason even being faster, cannot contain Jameer Nelson off the dribble and Dwight Howard owns the paint and can execute powerful and effective post-ups on the block, giving him not only the opportunity to score but also to find wide open shooters on the perimetre with Rashard, Hedo Turkoglu, etc. Raps will lose in 6... I'm a raps fan but I was extremely disappointed in their game one performance... Giving up a Magic franchise record of 43 points, which is the 3rd highest total in NBA history. In fact, their 10 three pointers in the 1st quarter is an NBA playoff record... That is extremely sad defense and shameful. I'm surprised Raps even got it within 5 in the fourth... Magic in 6 Celts-Hawks.. Predictable... Celts in 4 Pistons-76ers... Amazing play by the 6ers in Game 1 in the Palace... Sam Dalembert, Andre Miller, Igoudala... Those guys really stepped up and pulled off an amazing upset on the Pistons in Game 1... Even Louis Williams the rook played well. Chauncey didn't play like he usually does, neither did Rip, Tayshaun or Rasheed I gotta say... But to be honest, a lot had to do with Philly's defense... They were smothering with face up man-to-man defense on the Piston's guards and they played effective frontcourt defense. I was especially impressed with Reggie Evans play on Rasheed downlow... They're still a young team and I think that will be their downfall though. Pistons in 7 Rockets-Jazz... Without Yao and Skip to m'a Lou, Rockets are done... Mcgrady shoots a terrible %. Jazz stole Game 1... Jazz in 6 Lakers-Nuggets... Predictable. Kobe and Gasol... 'nough said... Lakers in 5 Mavericks-Hornets... CP3 with 35 pts and 10 assists... He's my MVP this year. They're a young team but they got some good vets in Chandler... David West is awesome. But I think the Mavs are hungry after losing to the Warriors last year so I will say Mavs in 7 Cavs-Wizards... 3rd straight year they've played with the Cavs winning them all (I think) and Arenas can't learn to keep his mouth shut. Lebron will destroy them this series and the big three of Antawn, Caron and Gilbert will do their stuff but the rest of their team will do nothing. Big Z, Wally, Delonte West, and even Big Ben will all help Lebron take out the Wiz. Cavs in 6
  11. Man the Habs let the Bruins right back into it... they should've finished them off in 4 straight or in 5... Now they're in just as much trouble as the B's... At least they still got the advantage of the roudy Canadien fans eh... Friggin Sens... swept... Without their two top players (One of them being their Captain Alfredsson), they were doomed... Boo man I was hopin' they would get to the East finals at least. C'mon Flames... hope they can pull it out for Game 7. (As you can, I'm behind all of the Canadian teams)
  12. Man I would go by the Rye bus if I was at Rye that day but I ain't gonna be... I'll try to find another way there if I'm not busy... Would like to show my support to him.
  13. Sorry I'm late but congrats and MashAllah... Ameen to all of the duas.
  14. Yeah he most likely got guys to use not only Photoshop but also Adobe After effects... remember he can afford to hire the top of the line professionals who can make this sort of stuff.. Salman pause it at the times that I said and you'll know what I mean. Its fake.
  15. Old school hip-hop and underground hip-hop... 98% of all mainstream hip-hop is friggin' atrocious and I've grown sick of it. There are good single tracks that come once in a while... Kayne's Graduation album has a few, The Game has some... Lupe as well. But I also like rock as well... There are a lot of good ones (Like indie) and some good mainstream ones (Animal I have become by 3 Days Grace is a good one for example)... But underground hip-hop like Immortal Technique, Diabolico, Jedi Mind Tricks and old school hip-hop by Tupac, the Wu-Tang clan for the win baby..
  16. We got a couple serious posts from myself and Striving and the next thing you know it Chesty makes a Norry joke... Way to break the mood Shave chester... But no seriously... that was a pretty good joke... with the apple thing
  17. You really only get sore/shin splints when you start Muay Thai but once you get used to it, your body will adapt and training in Muay Thai will feel very natural... You'll know what I mean after you do it for a few months. I used to run long distance in public school but stopped soon after... I did track and field back in highschool and ran the 100 metre in 11.6 seconds so I was pretty good at it (For speed running)... Did the 4x100 metre relay, 200 metre dash and also the long jump too. Ever since Uni though, I don't play track on organized teams anymore but just randomly for either a workout or... the random chasing the train thing to make it on time for departure from the station..
  18. Man I love Kobe's game and he's a great player but this video is fake... These comments pretty much allude to that fact: "If you pause it at 36 seconds right when the car enters the frame you can see that Kobe is closer to the camera than the car. Which means he did not jump directly over the car." "he could really jump over that car if he wanted to, but if you keep pausing and playing the video, you could see that the car turns a little bit and his shadow is on the side of the car." I noticed these two things too. That doesn't mean that he still can't jump really high but this is impossible even for him...
  19. Moes good initiative for the UTM BUST service... Guess we gonna bust this brotha outta jail huh? Seriously that's a pretty catchy title
  20. Thanks for this... the media is extremely stupid here so one minute they have this thing on the front page of how these guys got arrested and then the next you don't hear about anything for years... And that's because I heard that all of them were innocent except for three of them who are still in trial but they'll probably end up innocent too. Ah the goodness of online unbiased media... I'll take a look at this whenever I get some more free time..
  21. Damn that's one mean lookin' hijabi... I'd be more interested in a turban thread mang'... a turban one! Bring out the carnage somebody
  22. Moes is a disturbed individual... Hah just saw that post now. I say leave it up to mother nature Arcades down due to server change?
  23. CrimsonGuardian

    MM Legend

    I started to get... weezy
  24. CrimsonGuardian

    MM Legend

    Do you really want to endorse your english counterpart... I mean... Watch him run a 'ENGLISH MANIAC MUSLIM', an exact replica of this site except its decorated in.... classy and sophisticated english....things.
  25. Yeah true true.. I think if he was fighting with guys around his stature (even a bit larger than him... taller or heavier), I think he would dominate. But yeah anyone that has like a 100 lbs advantage over Lee and is a foot taller I think he'll have a tough time dealing with those types of opponents. In fighting, it is very unheard of to fight out of your own weight class because the much bigger guys would have such an advantage over the smaller guy no matter how much talent he has and how strong he is. Their centre of gravity is a lot more and they can utilize more power because of their vastly different body weight and height. He's the pioneer in Martial Arts IMHO and even though it existed well before he made a name for himself, I think he was the one that brought the popularity of the sport out. Yeah I was really impressed with GSP's improvement in grappling and wrestling... He's become an all round great fighter. No I didn't catch the fight between GSP and Koschek... Must have been one hell of a match though. I really wanted to catch the next UFC event in Montreal when he takes on Matt The Terror Serra but that's still a hell's of a way out of reach and I got finals during that time... Definitely will catch the PPV for that though. But even so, we're both speaking on just personal knowledge of what we know about matchups and on our own experiences in the sports. We'll never know what will really happen if they fought and I wish Lee was still alive, he was such a great asset to this sport... I heard different rumours of how he died... One website says he got killed in an accident on stage and another says that he overdosed on drugs accidentally. Which one is true?
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