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  1. TIL germophobes can't be parents.
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    Random Car Questions

    Is painting better for resale value? But I can prob just paint it later if/when I'm selling it.
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    Random Car Questions

    I might need to replace my front bumper. I don't care too much about appearance, so I'm thinking of leaving it unpainted to save $. Are there any functional drawbacks to this? Will it rust or wear out more easily?
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    Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS

    Alhamdullilah, I haven't encountered anyone who supports ISIS. They're just so obviously, inarguably worthy of condemnation. Who are these supporters and what are their reasons?
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    What I Had For Suhoor today

    I'm basically pescetarian until I find a closer Halal meat store. And where they package it nicely in clean styrofoam, not plastic bags dripping with blood.
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    Iftaris of the world, Unite!

    Taking a walk down memory lane, has it already been a year?! Awww good San Franciscan memories. Don't mind me, I'm just wallowing in nostalgia.
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    Iftaris of the world, Unite!

    Recipe please?
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    What I Had For Suhoor today

    Who eats oatmeal and raw spinach as an appetizer?
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    What I Had For Suhoor today

    Oatmeal with strawberries Yogurt with honey and granola Boiled egg, spinach, peanut butter, nuts, raisins, drugs Water
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    Staying healthy and....FIT?!

    Tried Crossfit, and now I feel really dead.
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    Being single

    Ew those cats scare me.
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    Do you really want to type your thesis on a tablet? The Macbook Air and 13 inch MacBook Pro are not too heavy. The 15 gets annoying to carry all day.
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    A MacBook is a laptop, so it isn't necessarily smaller or more portable than your current laptop. You can buy Office for Mac which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint. You might consider the MacBook Air which is a light, thin laptop. An iPad is one brand of tablet. There are others, such as the Surface if you like Microsoft.