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  1. Ramadan Mubarak! Hooray!

  2. going a little earlier, sorry about that.

    asalaamu alaykum

  3. For the last time, asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu

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    2. Ameena


      Wa alaikum al salam E!

    3. GuerillaRadio


      Walikumasalaam warahmatuAllahiwabarakat. Damn.

    4. cubster


      vaat? You even changed your name? Wa'alaikumus'salaam :(

  4. ESQRT-22


    Love you all for the sake of Allah (swt). Please forgive me if I did anything wrong to you. Know that this isn't goodbye, but just goodbye from talking to me on the forums so I can spend less time online in general and starting doing stuff irl I'm accessible via facebook, email and "mm village". I'll gladly help any of you that need it. Jazakullah khair for all those that taught me, reproached me, humbled me, pointed me in the right direction, helped me and for Hamzah hosting an awesome forum. I'm really glad to have been apart of it and I'll be keeping MM in m du'as and insha'Allah you can do the same. For the last time, asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu
  5. You should miss me more than shavechest, Musa and Sabrina combined. Kthx

    1. white-rose


      Haven't you heard of the saying, "Out of sight, out of mind"?

    2. S...


      I'm posting this because I felt bad that there was only one comment.

  6. For those who have read let's discuss. Put your information in a spoiler until Thursday midnight. I will be giving responsibility for this group to Ferroro Rocher and others after this book. Make sure you pick a good one
  7. Do I owe anyone anything or have any favors to be done?

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    2. Maethorion


      I disagree with Miah. I say you should come back as "Shaykh What your Mama gave you"

    3. white-rose


      LOL @ waki. Actually, that's almost as good as "sheila ki jawani". -_-

    4. Aljannah


      Clean my car, we call it quits

  8. Takes more work to leave than stay active wow

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    2. white-rose


      Yea just stay man. Great, now I sound like a broken record. =/

    3. GuerillaRadio
    4. Basanti
  9. ESQRT-22


    Ya it's not really this melodramatic. Has nothing to do with MS or shavechest or Musa. I've been on this forum for almost 7 years and have been horrendous stagnation for the past 2 years. I used to come on here to learn and alhamdillah a lot of people have taught me. But now that's not happening anymore. I'll always love MM and I'll be active on facebook insha'Allah. But I think it's time I killed off my participation on any online forum
  10. Who else is leaving besides illinois peoples?

  11. we will have a book discussion and then you can take over insha'Allah

  12. I should totally steal his thunder and announce my departure now
  13. My threat is not empty. *frownie face*

  14. If shavechest leaves then I leave *jigglypuff face*

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